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Chapter 150: Condemnation

Jing Ni would only be quiet in my little uncles arms.

So my little uncle brought her home and placed her in his bed.

I believed that my little uncles scent would make her feel at ease.

As expected, she crawled under his quilt and disappeared.

Finally there was no more screams.

We all sighed in relief.

The butler came to report that there was a guest.

My little uncle and Jing Tian exchanged a glance.

Jing Tians expression darkened as he strode out.

My little uncle pulled him back.

“Theyre here to look for me! What are you doing”

Jing Tian said coldly, “Jing Ni is my niece too!”

There were quite a number of guests.

The one in the lead was tall and sturdy.

His facial features were well-defined.

He looked imposing.

I guessed that he was Shi Li because he looked 80 percent similar to Shi Feng.

Master Gu Er, Master Wei Wu, Lee Yang and Gu Nian were all there.

The 7 Brothers were all present.

Shi Lis eyes fell on me.

I stood behind my little uncle.

I had no expression and stood with my hands behind my back.

Shi Li smiled, “Nanxing, youre Nanxing” I looked at him and said nothing.

Shi Li didnt mind though.

He said kindly, “Im Shi Li, Im your mothers friend.

I met you when you were small.

Youre already a big girl now, you really do look like your mother.

I heard about you, you resemble her more than just in appearance.

Very good!”

Master Gu Er smiled until his eyes were crescents.

“Yes, I saw Ah Huan on the girl when I first met her.

They are too similar.

I heard from my two nieces that even the girls spitfire personality is very similar to Ah Huan.”

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Shi Li nodded.

His eyes were filled with admiration.

I hated this kind of hypocrite the most.

I asked lightly, “Are you here to visit me or to settle score with my little uncle”

Shi Li glanced at my little uncle and his smile faded.

However, when he turned back to me, the kind smile returned in full force.

“Nanxing, you should come to uncles house when you have the time.

I have a horse that your mother used to love to ride.”

Shi Li was truly Shi Fengs father.

The moment they met me, they tried to connect to me via my mother.

They created an impression on others that I was very closed to them.

In reality though, I had nothing to do with them.

I suspected that my mother never really took a liking to Shi Li, the man had made up everything.

My little uncle coughed, “Lets talk business.

Its not easy for the brothers to get together.

Lets just skip the pleasantries.”

Shi Li turned to my little uncle.

The smile disappeared and his tone became cold.

“So Master Si knows why Im here.

I only have one son and hes now on the verge of death.

Master Si, are you trying to threaten my legacy”

I snorted in disdain, “On the verge of death You should be thankful that it was my little uncle who found him.

If it was me, then he would be really dead!”

The few Brothers looked at me.

I returned their gazes with no fear.

Master Gu Er smiled and shook his head, he looked at me like a kind senior.

Master Wei Wus lips curled up in disdain.

Gu Nians eyes were doting.

Shi Li ignored me.

He only focused on my little uncle.

My little uncle steepled his hands.

“Im sorry, I was in the heat of the moment so I was unable to hold back.”

Shi Lis face dropped.

“Heat of the moment When Master Si hit the boy, shouldnt you know who he is Were you trying to hit him or me”

Jing Tian said coldly, “Master Shi, you got something right.

Why didnt you ask Shi Feng if he knew whom Jing Ni was before he came after her”

Shi Li said indifferently.

“I have already asked him that.

He said the eldest young master and eldest young miss of the Jing Family has given him the permission.

They have decided to marry the third Jing miss to Shi Feng.

Speaking of, Master Qi, I need to question you about this.

How can the Jing Family go back on their words like this I demand an explanation from the Jing Family too!”

I was so angry.

This old man dares to say that he likes my mother Being associated with him ruin her name!

Just as I was about to say something, my little uncle appeared to have eyes on the back of his head, he waved his hands at me, telling me to calm down.

He then said lazily, “Now, my fiance has almost been sexually assaulted.

Am I supposed to just let that happen Has the Tong Family fallen so much that anyone can come find trouble with us now”

Everyone in the room froze.

Including me.

What What did Tong Le just say Jing Ni is his fiance

I stared at the back of Tong Les head so hard that I could bore a hole into his skull.


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