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Chapter 156: Tryst

Gu Nian insisted on treating me to a meal, he said that we would discuss our future cooperation over food.

I thought about it.

I had classes in the afternoon so to save time, I agreed.

While he was ordering, I read through the files he brought over.

After he was done ordering, Gu Nian asked me with a smile.

“You done reading the files”

I nodded and handed them back to him.

The food was soon served.

I glanced at the time, thanked him and started to dig him.

Gu Nian looked at me gently.

“Nanxing, youre so alluring even youre just eating.”

I laughed.

“Youre already treating me to a meal, theres no need to lay on the compliments.

Youre not going to get a discount for my companys services.

Im sorry but this company doesnt run on favors.”

Gu Nian shook his head helplessly.

“You girls are doing such a good job, I wouldnt have the heart to demand for a discount.”

When he saidyou girls, I couldnt help but sigh.

“Jing Ni has left so I am missing a good assistant.

The speed might slower than promised but I will maintain a good quality.”

He nodded.

“I believe you.” It was not easy eating with Gu Nian staring.

I told him, “Are you not hungry Then why order so much Its quite awkward to eat alone.”

Gu Nian laughed and picked up his chopsticks.

However, he ate very little, unlike me who wolfed down everything.

I still had 2 more classes in the afternoon so I needed the energy.

“Nanxing, I have something to ask you.” He began softly.

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I nodded.

“Is what Jing Tian claimed true” He said this very slowly like it was costing him to speak.

I tilted my head to look at him.

“Which part of what he said” But in my mind, I already had the answer. Everything that man says is true.

That man never lies. He wouldnt promise me anything that he couldnt fulfill.

Gu Nians chopsticks halted in mid-air.

Then he placed them back on the table.

“I mean the statement he made about you being his fiance.” There was anxiety in his tone.

I nodded.

“Of course!”

Gu Nian appeared to sigh.

“Why him”

I thought about it, “I guess you could say we were meant to be since our previous lives.” It was true.

Jing Tian and I had to go through so much before we could get together in our previous lives but somehow we were separated again.

Therefore in this life, I would never let him go again!

Gu Jian looked at me with complicated emotions.

I pulled out a napkin paper and wiped down my mouth.

“Thank you for the meal, I have to get back to class now.” I packed up the files he gave me.

“Ill get you the report of the results as soon as possible.”

Gu Nian uttered.

“How about I give you the Nan Family as your payment instead”

I shook my head.

“No thanks.

I dont mix business with private issues.

Ill depend on myself to get what I deserve.

I dont need other peoples help.”

Gu Nian looked at me with a smile and nodded.

“Alright, Nanxing.

Happy collaboration!”

“Happy collaboration!”I left in a hurry.

From the corner of my eyes, I noticed Gu Nian look quite strange.

However, I didnt mind it too much since I was in a hurry to leave.

I didnt understand why Jing Tian kept telling me to stay away from Gu Nian.

Based on our interaction, he was a nice person, or at least a good business partner.

After my afternoon classes, I called a taxi and went to the Nan Familys old manor.

Through the files Gu Nian had given me, I noticed there were a few antiques at the old manor that I needed to look into.

I had always had this feeling that there was something more about the old manor.

It was the place where I spent my childhood with my father.

There were many traces of his life there but I never noticed them in the past.

This was also the place where I met Brother Hus unit and reunited with my little uncle.

I loved this place a lot.

No matter what happened to the Nan Family in the future, I would claim this place as mine.

When I arrived, I didnt use the front door but sneaked in through the secret door.

I slithered my way to my previous room and connected my laptop to the alarm system that I had left behind.

I took out the snacks that I had brought with me.

However, as I connected my laptop, the alarm rang.

I was shocked.

Who would come to the old manor at a time like this Was it the killers sent over by the 7 Brothers to come after me But what kind of killer would be so clumsy and was discovered so easily

The chicken drumstick in my hand fell when I pulled up the image.

I was stunned.

It was Jing Ning and Nanyang! What are they doing here

“How long has this place been abandoned This place feels so eerie.” Jing Ning looked at the yard with disgust.

Under the setting sun, the old manor was very quiet and subdued.

As they say, how you view the world reflects on your heart.

When I arrived at this place, I felt warmed and welcomed.

However, Jing Ning saw this place as gloomy and dark!

Nanyang hugged him and clung to his neck.

She uttered sweetly, “Brother Jing Ning, but coming here is safer than going to the hotel, no”

My eyes almost popped out of my sockets.

They are here… for a clandestine tryst


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