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Chapter 157: Eavesdropping

As they walked past the door of my room, Jing Ning turned around to take a look.

I was so scared that my heart skipped a beat.

They eventually entered Nanyangs room.

Thank god I didnt install any camera in Nanyangs room.

However, this also meant that I couldnt leave my room.

I lay in bed and sighed.

There was no choice but for me to wait them out.

I hoped that they wouldnt spend the night.

With nothing better to do, I closed my eyes to sleep!

Su Qians message came.

“Nanxing, did you encounter Jing Ning and Nanyang”

I replied, “Yes, dont worry about me.

They are doing business in the room next to me.

I will rest for a while.

Im safe!” As promised, Su Qian and Su Shen followed me like shadows.

At that moment, I really missed my little uncle.

I heard that Jing Ni had started her treatment, however my little uncle couldnt leave because he was the only person Jing Ni trusted.

My little uncle said that he would stay until Jing Ni recovered.

To Auntie Bai Rui, I told her that Jing Ni had gone on an overseas exchange problem.

Due to the urgency of the situation, she didnt have a chance to say goodbye.

I photoshopped a picture to use as proof.

Auntie Bai Rui had no social connection and was very easy to pacify.

I had the butler go to accompany her daily and people protect her from the dark.

I also released statements that she was a person of importance to Sky Citys Sister Xing.

My name could now stun some small fries but of course it was because it was related to Jing Tian and my little uncle.

For now, Ardent Flame Alliance and Dragons Gate were still nurturing Sky City but in the future, I would impress all of them!

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My thoughts ran wild.

Just as I was about to fall asleep, the alarm on laptop beeped again.

I sat up and grabbed the laptop to look.

Jing Ning and Nanyang had come out of the room.

I widened my eyes.

It had been less than half an hour. The man sure is fast!

I curled my lips in disdain.

Nanyang had a satisfied expression on her face.

She hugged Jing Nings waist shyly.

“Brother Jing Ning, lets go down to the living room for some tea.

There are some good tea leaves at this place.

Ill brew a pot for you.”

Jing Ni nodded.

He was too lazy to even reply with words.

I turned to the monitor in the living room.

Since the private show was over, I decided to listen in.

I had nothing better to do anyway.

Nanyang was a good tea maker, that was undeniable.

Li Yuan had spared no expenses to cultivate Nanyang into a fine lady.

Even though the old manor was unoccupied, it still had all the necessary equipment.

Nanyang was graceful as she brew the tea.

Jing Ning looked moved.

Nanyang was the type of woman perfect for the post of a mistress.

Nanyang brought the tea to Jing Ning and smiled charmingly.

“Brother Jing Ning, please have some tea.”

Jing Ning took the tea with a smile and caressed Nanyangs face.

Nanyang lowered her head and smiled shyly.

Jing Ning looked around and said, “This place is quite peaceful.”

Nanyangs eyes lit up.

“Shall we come here more often then” Jing Ning took a sip of the tea and said, “Well see.

Ive been quite busy recently.”

The light in Nanyangs eyes dimmed.

She said gloomily, “Brother Jing Ning, you dont like me anymore” She looked at Jing Ning sadly.

“I feel like you dont treat me as good as you treated Nanxing in the past!”

Jing Nings expression changed instantly.

“Why would you mention her” To my surprise, the man was angry.

Hey, what have I done to you I gritted my teeth at the monitor.

I didnt expect him to hate me that much. However, it is better to be hated by this man than loved. With that in mind, I let the anger go.

Nan Yang cowered.

“It just feels like you care about me less and less.

Now you have more things to discuss with Sister Ye Qian and you dont even involve me anymore.

Sometimes, it feels like you two are the real couple and Im the third wheel.”

I chuckled. At least she has the sense to know that.

Jing Nings face softened.

“What nonsense You two are completely different people.

But now that you brought it up, you should learn more from Ye Qian.

No matter what, she is always calm and composed.

She is also gentle and generous.

She acts like a perfect lady.

Even though she is a woman, she is extremely knowledgeable.

She is your role model!”

Nanyang bit her lips.

“Youre making it sound like she is incomparable.”

Jing Ning shrugged.

“In a way, she is.

She has already provided me with so many good ideas! If not for Nanxing, I would have used Jing Ni to earn Shi Fengs trust.

The Shi Family is highly influential at the capital.

If I can get Shi Feng on my side, I believe it wouldnt take long for me to gain enough power to chase 7th uncle out of the Jing Family!”

Wait, he wants to chase Jing Tian out I was shocked.

So that was his goal He used Jing Ni to bribe Shi Feng to chase Jing Tian out

And this is all that bitchs idea!


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