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Chapter 158: More!

Nanyang said anxiously, “But the plan has failed.

She even got you injured by 7th uncle and Jing Yan locked up.

Even my dad said that 7th uncle is not easy to deal with.

You have to be careful!” Nanyang sidled to Jing Nings side and leaned on him.

Jing Ning snorted.

“Well, theres always next time.” His fingers circled the cup.

“We need to carry on.

Ye Qian is right.

If I want to control the Jing Family, I need to collaborate with the Shi Family and the Gu Family to eliminate 7th uncle.

Ye Qian and Gu Yan are my aids at the Gu Family so they wont be a problem, but the Shi Family…”

Nanyang was unhappy to hear Ye Qians name but she didnt dare to show it.

“But Shi Feng was just beaten up by Nanxings uncle.

Master Shi clearly has grievances towards you for that.

How are you going to turn that around”

Jing Ning said confidently, “Thats not a problem.

With enough advantages, anyone can be bought over.

However, there is something that only you can help me with.”

Nanyang immediately sat up straighter.

“Brother Jing Ning, what do you need from me”

Jing Ning smiled and reached out to sweep Nanyangs hair behind her ear.

“I know you would help me.” Nanyangs face lit up.

Jing Ning smiled amiably and caressed her face.

“There are many beautiful girls at your art school, right I need you to befriend some beautiful girls who are willing to help us.”

Nanyang was confused.

Jing Nings smile slowly froze.

“Dont tell me you dont understand this simple logic Money, alcohol and women, thats all a man wants.

As long as we can provide these, we can make any men our allies!”

“You, you want me to convince my friends at school to prostitute themselves” Nanyang was shocked.

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Jing Ning nodded with a smile.

“Is that so surprising Girls like you who are in their late teens are the most fresh and alluring for powerful men.

With a little training, they can all be as seductive as you.”

Nanyang hit Jing Ning in embarrassment.

“Brother Jing Ning, what are you talking about!”

Jing Ning said seriously, “Nanyang, dont you want to help me Then help me gather many beautiful women, befriend them and use money to tempt them.

We need to make them our pawns, understand This task is very difficult.

Ye Qian said you wouldnt agree to it so I have come in person to beg you to help me.

So, would you help me”

Nanyang raised her chin.

“If this is a favor for her, then of course, I wont agree!”

Jing Ning smiled.

“But this is a favor for me.

So what do you say”

Nanyang pouted and didnt say anything.

Jing Nings face darkened.

He put down the cup and pretended to leave.

“Ill be leaving then.”

Nanyang quickly rushed over to hug him.

“Fine, Ill help you!” Once Jing Ning sat back down, Nanyang leaned into his arms.

“Im just afraid that youd fall for those other beauties and forget all about me.”

Jing Ning pinched Nanyangs butt.

“Why would you think that Nanyang, you are incredibly unique and no one can replace your position in my heart!”

“Really, Brother Nanyang” Nanyang was touched.

Jing Ning nodded.

Nanyang closed her eyes and kissed him.

Jing Ning allowed her.

Nanyangs hands reached under his shirt, and undid his pants.

Jing Ning grabbed her hands and scolded her jokingly.

“You want more Youre insatiable!”

Nanyang nodded eagerly, “Brother Jing Ning, its not often that I get private time with you.

I havent had enough share of my fun yet! I need you to love me more!” Her hands reached into his pant.

With her loving caress, Jing Ning was soon aroused.

He hugged the woman who basically threw herself at him.

He moved his hands up and down her body.

Jing Ning pressed Nanyang onto the sofa.

With a few movements, he had stripped Nanyang naked.

“Are all the girls at your school as slutty as you I need girls like this, girls who can satisfy any man.

Do you get me”

Nanyang couldnt wait any longer.

She rubbed against Jing Nings hard member.

Nanyang made a sound that was a mixture of pleasure and pain.

Jing Ning praised, “Thats right.

Moan like that.

Men like to hear women moan.

Nanyang, come, make me happy, make me excited, make me fall for you!”

Nanyang obliged and moaned louder.

Nanyang was reaching her climax when Jing Ning suddenly stopped.

Nanyang was going crazy with desire.

“Brother Jing Ning, Brother Jing Ning, please, I need more! Give it to me! I cant wait any longer!”

Jing Ning suddenly demanded, “Do you love me”

“Of course.

Fuck, **, **.

Brother Jing Ning, I **ing love you!” Nanyang exclaimed in ecstasy.


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