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Chapter 159: The Scary Woman

Jing Ning kissed her lightly.

“Does this mean you are willing to do anything for me”

Nanyang nodded hurriedly.

“Of course, for Brother Jing Ning, I am your slave!”

Jing Ning smiled.

“Ill take that as a promise!”

Nanyang ground on the man like a piece of meat.

She panted.

“Of course, as long as its Brother Jing Nings demand, I will do it.

Even if Brother Jing Ning wants me to die, I will go die!”

Jing Ning was satisfied.

He kissed her.

“How would I have the heart to tell you to die As long as you do what I say, I will love you forever!”

Then the rhythm continued.

Nanyangs scream got louder.

I only listened in because I thought I would hear something valuable.

However, I was getting disgusted so I switched the monitor off.

Unfortunately, they were just downstairs, so even after I switched off the monitor, I could still hear them.

Thankfully it ended soon after.

I turned the monitor back on lest I missed anything interesting.

Jing Ning leaned tiredly on the sofa and slapped Nanyang on her butt cheeks.

“Little slut, go and get me a cup of tea!”

Nanyangs eyes glistened with water.

She didnt even put on her clothes as she rushed to prepare the tea for Jing Ning.

After the tea was ready, she only slowly put her clothes back on.

Then she leaned in Jing Nings arms with satisfaction.

Jing Ning put down the teacup and patted Nanyang.

“Dont forget what you promised me.

Gather your classmates for me and I will pay all of you handsomely.”

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“Okay!” Nanyang nodded obediently.

“And dont forget you say youd do anything for me.” Jing Ning looked at Nanyang with a half-smile.

Nanyang huffed, “Brother Jing Ning, how can you take advantage of me like that”

“Does this mean youre going to renege on your words” Jing Ning glanced at her.

Nanyang hugged him and added, “Of course not! I will do everything Brother Jing Ning asks me to!”

Jing Ning was satisfied.

Nanyang was satisfied too.

I let out a long sigh.

They were finally done.

Hurry up and leave then! The two dawdled for a long time before they finally left.

I waited until the car outside the gate departed before I got out of my room.

“Tsk, how unlucky! Id rather run into an assassination than to witness something like that!”

I continued with my work.

2 hours later, I left the old manor.

After I returned to the dorm, I worked through the night to finish Gu Nians contract.

This was originally Jing Nis job but now I had to do it.

Because of that, I didnt get enough sleep and I was rather listless.

Mai Qi couldnt stand the zombie version of Nanxing.

“Hey, if you can return me the energized version of Nanxing in the next 3 seconds, Ill treat you to a meal of roasted chicken at the nearby famous Cantonese restaurant!” Miss Mai threatened me.

I immediately snapped into focus.

“Thank you, Miss Mai Qi.

Lets go!” I grabbed her arm.

She chuckled.

“Nanxing, I wont be so patient with anyone else.

But for some reason, I just cant get mad at you.

Is it this what they say, the advantage of having a pretty face”

I leaned into her.

“Then, I have to be thankful that I have a passable, or else Miss Mai Qi wouldnt have any time for me!”

We laughed as we took a car to the restaurant.

Mai Qi made the booking in the car.

When we arrived, the waiter led us to our booth.

Coincidentally enough, we ran into Ye Qian and Gu Yan who walked out from the other elevator.

Both parties were stunned.

Ye Qian said gently but enthusiastically, “What a coincidence to meet you two here.

Dont you have classes in the afternoon”

Mai Qi smiled at Ye Qian.

“Sister Qian, what about you Its unusual to see you so free in the afternoon.”

Ye Qian glanced at Gu Yan and said with a smile, “Xiao Yan caught a cold two days ago.

She doesnt have a good appetite so I brought her here, hoping the good flavors will help improve her appetite.”

Mai Qi admitted, “I lost a bet to Nanxing and have to treat her to a meal.”

Looking at Ye Qian, every hair on my body stood on end.

This was because I knew what she had done to Jing Ni and Jing Tian.

This woman, who looked so harmless and soft, was the master strategist behind Jing Ning.

If I hadnt kept a close watch on Jing Ni, and if my little uncle didnt step in, she might have succeeded.

Her plan was to cooperate with the Shi Family and the Gu Family to squeeze Jing Tian out of the Jing Family.

Technically speaking, these were normal business maneuvers and they werent inherently wrong but how could she plot against Jing Ni What had Jing Ni done to her to deserve this

Facing the smiling Ye Qian, a cold chill ran down my spine.

This womans heart was as dark as the black hole.

What had Jing Tian done wrong by her Why did she target Jing Ni like this She didnt even need a reason to harm others.

The scariest thing was the people around her couldnt see how scary she was, they treated her as a pure goddess and hung on her every word.

Even the proud Mai Qi respected her, much less Jing Ning, Jing Yan, Nanyang and Gu Yan who were her followers.

“Nanxing” Ye Qian called me.

I came back to my senses.



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