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Chapter 163: Tools

I looked forward to the weekend because I would be able to go out with Jing Tian.

Jing Tian said he would take me to a place which could help jog my memory.

However, the joy of going out with him was greater than the possibility of recovering my memory.

Gu Yans words faded away and so did my curiosity.

The chance to go out with Jing Tian had overshadowed everything!

After class, I packed my things and ready to go home when Mai Qi sent me a message.

“Nanxing, come to the Cantonese restaurant to save me, Im being surrounded!” I replied with an okay sign.

After all, she was my good friend.

Mai Qi had many pursuers and often required me to save her.

Mai Qi once said that it would be easier if we could tell the world that we were a couple.

That would stop the boys from harassing her.

“I dont mind it.

My parents are gone.

My little uncle wouldnt have the heart to beat me and Jing Tian wouldnt believe me.

I can sacrifice myself to cooperate with you.

But can you say the same If you suddenly announce that youre a lesbian, your mother will probably break your legs.” I warned.

“Youre right.” Mai Qi sighed and looked at her pretty legs.

“O well, for this pair of legs, I shall continue to bear the pain.” She gritted her teeth.

I guffawed.

In any case, the work of saving her from her suitors fell into my hands.

I thought I would be facing off against another handsome man.

I was pondering what should I say to let the man down easy without harming his feelings.

But as I pushed the door open, I saw a roomful of people.

Familiar people at that.

Jing Ning, Nanyang, Jing Yan, Ye Qian, Gu Yan and Gu Nian.

I was startled.

Mai Qi kept making eye contact at me.

Jing Ning scoffed.

“You dont even know how to knock the door before coming in After joining the mafia, the efforts of your parents are all lost on you! Where are your manners”

I raised my brow at him.

Something must be wrong with this man.

After he knew that he had no chance of marrying me, he kept coming after me, mocking me at every opportunity.

Then he came after Jing Ni.

I would never forgive him.

Thinking of the nasty things he had done, I couldnt stand him anymore.

In my eyes, he was no longer a man but an animal.

The fact that he slept with Nanyang while loving Ye Qian was disgusting enough.

I said lightly, “My manners are reserved for people who deserve them.

You are not on that list.”

“You!” Jing Ning jumped up.

What He wants to beat me I stood at the door and crossed my arms.

My bag hung lazily off my shoulders.

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Ye Qian pulled Jing Ning back.

“Jing Ning, Nanxing, can you two stop fighting whenever you see each other”

Mai Qi spoke up.

“Nanxing, youre here to get me, yes”

I hooked my arm around her shoulders.

“Yes, we promised to go drinking, no” I pulled her away but that angered Miss Gu Yan.

She shouted.

“Stand right there!”

I turned around.

I released my hold on Mai Qi and looked at her.

Gu Yan was angry.

“How can we allow a gangster like you to befriend Mai Qi Im warning you, you better stay away from Mai Qi or you will be answering to her parents!”

I glanced at Mai Qi who smiled apologetically at me.

I then turned to Gu Yan.

“Miss Gu, who are you to Mai Qi Are you her parents Who are you to try to vet her friends Why are you trying to do her parents job for them Is it because you need something from them”

My words were vague but everyone understood my meaning.

Gu Yans face turned red.

Mai Qi patted me.

“Nanxing, stop talking nonsense.”

I looked at Gu Yan.

“Miss Gu asked for it.

She has insulted me multiple times already, am I supposed to thank her for them I have tried to be nice to Miss Gu but she still doesnt like me.

So the conclusion is clear, she simply doesnt like me.

Thats fine by me.

But there is something that Miss Gu doesnt seem to grasp.

It is your freedom to hate me but it is my freedom to counter.”

The glass shattered.

Jing Ning was so angry that he smashed his cup.

Ye Qian pulled him back.

“Jing Ning, Jing Ning, what are you doing Calm down!”

Jing Ning pointed at me.

“She is being too arrogant.

I must teach her a lesson today!”

Ye Qian rushed to hug Jing Ning.

“You need to calm down!”

Right then I could tell how much hold Ye Qian had over Jing Ning.

My eyes traveled to Nanyang.

She looked at the two hugging each other.

The pain in her eyes was obvious.

I tried to feel sorry for her but I couldnt.

She asked for this herself.

She tried so hard to snatch Jing Ning away from me but in the end, I wasnt even her real competition.

Nanyang had given Jing Ning her body but she couldnt even get a place in his heart.

How nice~ Karma has come knocking. Nanyang knew that Jing Ning would eventually pick Ye Qian over her and she would be reduced to a tool.

Jing Ning asked her to gather her friends to train as prostitutes.

I believed it was Ye Qian who came up with that idea, Jing Ning was not that smart.

So in a way, Nanyang was also Ye Qians tool.


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