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Chapter 169: Dream

I had never encountered such a sentimental Jing Tian before.

Perhaps because we were back at the place where it all started.

I found him to be… quite cute.

I sat down and leaned against him.

“Jing Tian, I once had a dream.

In that dream, I married Jing Ning.

I knew there was an unsavory relationship between Jing Ning and Nanyang but I still married him.

I was weak and naive.

I assumed that Jing Ning would stop after the marriage.

I assumed if I treated them with sincerity, they would treat me back the same way.

However, after I got married, Jing Tian cheated on Nanyang and me with Ye Qian.

With Ye Qian plotting everything for him, they siphoned away all of my wealth.

When I was 6 months pregnant, Jing Ning served me a divorce and kicked me out of his house.”

I gripped my hands into fists.

Only by having the nails pierce into my palms that I could keep my voice even.

“I went back to the Nan Family but they refused to accept me, calling me a jinx.

I was homeless.

I didnt understand it.

I had tried my best to be nice to everyone but none of them treated me as an actual person.

With no other option, I jumped into the sea.” My voice shook.

Jing Tian looked at me in bewilderment.

My description of the dream was very real and detailed.

I tried to smile at him.

“But I was saved.

And my savior pointed his gun at the doctors head and demanded him to save me.

I lost my child but I did manage to keep my life.

However, I was a lifeless husk.

My savior told me the truth of my background.

I wasnt living under the Nan Family but Nan Family was mine.

I didnt need to bow down to others, especially those who had stolen everything away from me.

My savior thought telling me these things would instill spirit back in me but it only caused me to have a mental breakdown.

I escaped into myself and remained unresponsive to the outside world.

“I was in this state for a whole 7 years.

And during that 7 years, my savior had suffered so much because of me.

He blocked all the attempts on my life, he bled and he was injured.

He did all that so that I would keep on living.

Those 7 years were hell for me but it was also hell for him.

“One time, my savior was shot when he tried to save me.

He almost died before me.

It was then that I realized I shouldnt be so heartbroken over people who didnt care about me.

I was such a fool.

Here was a man who would give up his life for me but I chose to ignore him.

I took care of him just like how he had taken care of him.

I saved him back from death.

I decided to marry him.

As long as he still wanted me, I would marry him, ignoring the law and custom.”

Thinking back to the sweetness I shared with Jing Tian in my previous life, I smiled.

“Why would you have to ignore the law and custom to marry him” Jing Tians voice trembled.

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I turned my head to look at him.

My eyes filled with love.

“Because my savior was my ex-husbands youngest uncle.”

There was a shock but also joy in his eyes.

“Jing Tian, I have sworn in that dream that I would give you everything I am if there is a next life.”

Jing Tian looked at me and slowly pulled me into a hug.

His lips approached mine.

This kiss was the most passionate one we ever shared.

Jing Tian had been standing silently by my side for 2 lifetimes.

He was missing from my memory because of my external injury, because of those unscrupulous people.

They had collectively swindled me and covered up the truth.

None of them breathed a word about how I had risked my life to help them.

They only cared about how to deceive me and cover up their asses.

They were already so vicious and evil since they were so young.

I could imagine the pain in Jing Tians heart.

In my previous life, he stood up for me when no one could.

However, when I happily married Jing Ning, he didnt say anything.

This was because Jing Tian only wanted me to be happy.

As long as I could be happy, he would take on all the pain on himself.

That was true love.

Jing Tian didnt know that I had experienced everything in that dream.

The pain was deep inside my marrow.

However, we would not make that mistake again!

Life was short and we shouldnt spend it being manipulated by others.

We have to live for ourselves.

I leaned in his arms and said, “Jing Tian, I love you!”

He rubbed my head.

“I really cant believe you would love someone like me, especially with all your missing memories.

Furthermore, you changed so drastically.

Your love for Jing Ning just disappeared and you decided to love me instead.

Nanxing, I still cant believe this is real.”

Jing Tians voice was colored with bewilderment and joy.

This perfect man is actually insecure and anxious because he loves me. My heart filled with happiness.


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