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Chapter 173: Fighting

Gu Nian was very satisfied with my work and he immediately transferred me the money.

I once again rejected his kind offer of giving me the Nan Corporation.

I accompanied Mai Qi to the bank and used my ID card to help her register a credit card.

I transferred her share of the payment to her bank account and transferred another half to Auntie Bai Rui, telling her that it was Jing Nis salary.

Mai Qi was shocked when she saw the number on her bank statement.

“I never knew how much money is in my bank account.

After all, I have my mom.

If she dares to cut off my allowance, Ill kill myself!”

I looked at her.

“My dear princess, can you not be so insensitive Youre in the company of someone who grew up without her mother.”

Mai Qi was embarrassed.

She hugged me.

“Boss, in apology, let this employee treat you to dinner!”

I hugged her back.

“The boss approves!”

We went back to the same Cantonese food restaurant because I wanted Mai Qi to test the meal Gu Nian and I had last time.

Mai Qi was very happy.

“Nanxing, this is the first time Im paying with my own money.

If my family knows this, theyll think theyre dreaming.”

I raised my cup to Mai Qi.

“Lets toast to bigger dreams!”

Mai Qis cheeks were stuffed but she nodded and clinked her glass with mine.

BANG! The door of our booth was kicked down.

Mai Qi and I were shocked.

Two large men stood at the door.

I stood up and pulled Mai Qi behind me.

I demanded angrily, “Who are you two” The two men stood at the door and acted like they couldnt hear me.

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Then, a wheelchair was pushed in.

When I saw the person in the wheelchair, I smiled.

“Oh, isnt this Young Master Shi Shouldnt you be resting at the hospital Are you that desperate for a beating” The person in the wheelchair was none other than Shi Feng who was beaten into a pulp by my little uncle.

His leg was in a cast and one of his arms hung in a cast before his chest.

His face looked very strange.

After I took a closer look, I understood why.

His head was injured so he had to shave off his hair.

There is a saying which states that only a handsome man could pull off the bald look and Young Master Shi was clearly not one of them!

This lack of hairstyle deducted a lot from his handsomeness.

Combine that with his mummified appearance, he looked like a mutated creature.

Shi Feng scoffed, “Sister Xing, life surely has treated you well!”

“Thank you but unfortunately I cant say the same for you!” I retorted without giving him face.

Shi Feng didnt rise to the bait.

“But isnt this thanks to Sister Xing”

I would take his challenge head-on.

I wouldnt let him trouble my little uncle.

“Dont tell me you have no idea why you were given this beating At least now you have people pushing you around.

But what about Jing Ni She was almost admitted into a mental hospital! She cant even live a normal life! Shi Feng, are you here to settle the score with me Thats perfect because I have scores to settle with you too!” My rage was rising.

Shi Feng looked at me with a vicious gaze.

“Nanxing, dont you push me or I will let you know how heartless I can really be.

The promise I give you still stands.

The door of the Shi Family is always open for you.

As long as you agree to be my wife, I will forgive everything between us.

Or else…”

“Like I want to be a part of the Shi Family!” I was so angry I wanted to strangle this bastard to death.

I grabbed the wine bottle on the table and threw it at Shi Feng.

The bodyguard immediately moved to shield his master.

Before he could blink, I grabbed another bottle and swung it at the bodyguards head.

They didnt expect a fight from me so the bodyguard was caught by surprise.

His large body swayed before he crumbled among red wine and broken glass.

Mai Qi screamed.

When everyone was stunned, I reached for another bottle.

Shi Fengs guard immediately grabbed his wheelchair and retreated.

Shi Feng roared at me.

“Nanxing! You are too much! Do you know who I am!”

I didnt say anything.

Words were never useful in a fight.

After all, so many villains died from having too long a monologue.


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