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Chapter 175: Persuasion

Translator: Lonelytree

One afternoon, Mai Qi and I went to Nanyangs school.

This was a third-rate art school, the university where I studied in my previous life.

Because Li Yuan and Nanyang drugged me during the exam entrance exam, I was unable to perform and I ended up in this school.

This school was famous for its beauties, and being a dumping site for rich second generations.

People who couldnt score well in the exam were all sent here by their rich parents.

Naturally, this meant that the school had bad discipline.

What goes around comes around.

Nanyang had been studying under the best tutor during her 3 years in high school and attended many tuitions but in the end, she ended up here.

I wondered how the girl who was praised for her high IQ since she was young managed to adjust her emotions.

My aunt, to show that her daughter was better than me, pulled strings to send me, who was one year younger than Nanyang into Nanyangs school.

Then she would always use my result to show off her own daughters excellence.

Well, there was nothing to show off now.

Since this was a school where many rich second generations were, it had a lot of donations.

The school amenities were incredibly good, even better than M University some would say.

The school was known for its art centers.

Therefore, outside students like myself and Mai Qi would frequent this place to visit the art centers.

Furthermore, another great attraction was the handsome and beautiful students of this school.

Mai Qi and I walked around and got tired.

We found a cafe, sat down, and ordered 2 drinks.

The cafe was very well decorated.

Mai Qi looked around and whispered, “I wish to open a bookstore cafe in the future.

This is a great inspiration.

You can eat simple food while enjoying a good book, thats so much better than a normal library.

This will be a good way to promote reading among students.”

I raised my brow.

“Didnt you say you have no idea what to do after graduation Arent you going to work for me”

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Mai Qi blinked her eyes at me.

“Is there a conflict between the two I dont see anything.

Boss, youre such a good person, plus you pay me so well.

Ill be able to collect my startup fund soon.

Ill manage the shop while also working for you.”

I smiled.

“Im impressed.

You have such a great business mind.”

Mai Qi chuckled.

“Hey, Yu Ying, so have you come to a decision Nanyang is still waiting for your reply!” A sweet voice came from behind Mai Qi.

Mai Qi and I shared a look, we both became silent.

“Wang Jing, what exactly do you do under Nanyang Can you be more specific” A soft voice asked carefully.

Wang Jing was impatient.

“What else can we do Nanyangs boyfriend is a rich second generation and he often has meetings.

He needs girls like us to liven up the meeting with his rich friends.

Were only required to smile, sing some songs, crack some jokes, and so on.”

Yu Ying hesitated, “But I still think it doesnt sound so that official.”

Wang Qing explained patiently, “Whats so bad about it Your part-time job is to go to bars and sing for the clients.

How much can you earn in one night Plus Ive heard you complain about harassment from the customers!

“But Nanyangs friends are different.

They are all rich and high-quality people.

Having a meal with them will nab you more money than you singing at the bar for a month.

In fact, if they ask you to sing, youll get even more money.

What Meng Jiao from the next dorm earns in one day is more than what you earn in a month!

“Yu Ying, Im only making this introduction because you are a good friend of mine.

After all, there are beautiful girls at our school.

Nanyang is very specific with her taste.

She has personally requested for me to come to persuade you because you are officially recognized as the number 1 beauty of our department.”

Yu Ying didnt say anything.

Wang Jing lowered her voice.

“Yu Ying, an opportunity like this doesnt come often.

Nanyang is not going to wait for you forever.

Once they have enough people, you wont even get a chance anymore.”

Yu Ying finally replied weakly.

“Okay, Ill join.”

Wang Jing sighed in relief.

The two girls left their seats.

After they departed, Mai Qi asked me, “What was that all about”

I was reminded of the mission Jing Ning had given to Nanyang at the old manor.

Looks like Nanyang had started to carry out his orders.

The dignified miss of the Nan Family had lowered herself to become a pimp just to keep a scumbag around.

This Nanyang….

Im impressed!




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