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Chapter 180: Interrogation

As I sat in the interrogation room, I surveyed my surroundings.

After all, not everyone would have this kind of experience.

A good citizen wouldnt be sent into detention for no reason, right

The place was just as I imagined it to be.

However, the smell was quite unpleasant.

I couldnt tell what smell it was and the chair wasnt very comfortable.

I leaned against the back of the chair and yawned loudly.

It should be around midnight now.

Normally Mai Qi and I would be in bed already.

Thinking of Mai Qi, I felt sorry for these officers.

Finally, they understood the trouble they were in.

Jing Tian called Mai Qis family the minute he found out what happened.

However, I wanted to know who had placed such a big trap for the police officers On my part, I only had issues with the man who treated us badly.

I didnt want to involve the rest of the force.

The officers misused their power so they couldnt really blame Mai Qis family for coming after them.

I leaned on the chair and almost fell asleep.

I wasnt nervous at all.

The chair was tough and the fluorescent light was blinding but the rest was fine.

Ignoring the possibility that someone was keeping watch on me, I fell asleep.

After who knew how long, the door opened.

I opened my eyes and yawned.

I wanted to rub my eyes only to realize I was handcuffed.

The person who walked in was the malicious-looking officer.

“You actually fell asleep in here This must not be your first time here.

A repeat offender, are we How many years have you been in this line of work” He paced around before sitting down across from me and opening his interrogation booklet.

I looked at the door.

“Youre interrogating me alone”

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“What Do you think that is not enough” He said coldly.

I uttered, “But from movies and dramas, doesnt it normally have more than one officer during interrogation”

“Dealing with a small fry like you, I alone am enough.”

“Really” I looked at him and smiled.

“At most, you can only fine me.

But for you, your punishment will be more serious for violating police regulations.” He glared at me.

I smiled sweetly at him.

“How about a deal Tell me who told you to frame me and Ill be kinder to you.”

He slammed the table and stood up.

“Admit to your sin! This is the police station! Do you think I wont dare to throw you into jail!”

That was pushing my bottom line.

I leaned back and stopped smiling.

I looked at him.

“What sin do I have Im almost 19, so Im an adult.

Going to the nightclub is not illegal.

My friend and I booked a booth to eat and sing karaoke.

What law have we broken”

“Why did you bring a laptop to the nightclub” He demanded sternly.

“Why cant I” I retorted.

“The laptop cannot be switched on.

I have reason to believe there are illegal secrets in it!” He ignored my question and started to threaten me.

“That is my personal computer so isnt it normal that other people cant open it If you suspect there is something illegal inside, then show me the proof.” I was not afraid.

“You have the responsibility to cooperate with the police!” He glared at him, trying to scare me.

I chuckled.

“I have the responsibility to protect my own privacy too.”

“Your right to privacy is not above the law!” He slammed the table again.

“Officer, you are not above the law either.

Im done talking.

I need my lawyer.” I looked at him calmly and shut my mouth.

The officer started to fidget, which only calmed me down further.

“If you dont give us the password to enter your computer, you are not leaving this place!” He hissed viciously.

I looked at him serenely and said nothing.

Silence is golden, my little uncle had taught me that.

I went through everything that happened that day.

This was a game of mantis stalks the cicada while the oriole follows behind.

I was stalking Jing Ning and Ye Qian but someone else was stalking me.

But that someone else had no idea I was stalking Jing Ning and Ye Qian.


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