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Chapter 185: The Nan Family

Public opinion had no influence on Jing Ning but they were not as kind to Nanyang.

Nanyang had always had the image of a well-behaved young lady and this was a huge fall from grace.

Even though she had given everything to Jing Ning, both she and Li Yuan wanted the public to know that it was Jing Ning who pursued Nanyang and not the other way round.

In fact, when Jing Ning canceled his engagement to me, they told the public that Jing Ning had loved Nanyang for years, and in the end, he followed his heart and dropped me for Nanyang.

This proved that Nanyang was better than me.

And now the faceslap had returned in full force.

When I arrived at the Nan Family, the place was shrouded in a gloomy fog.

The servants were stepping on thin ice.

When they saw me, they were shocked but no one greeted me.

I walked straight into the living room and sat down.

Eventually, a maid ran over, “Second, second young miss, youre finally home” She was flustered.

I smiled and said gently, “Im here to look for sir and madam.

Please tell them Im here.

Ill wait.” She hesitated.

She wanted to say something but she realized she had nothing to say so she ran up the stairs to report my arrival.

The place had not changed but it felt so unfamiliar to me.

Once I was the second miss of this place.

In name, I was the second miss but in theory, I was just an orphan living under someone elses roof.

This place never felt like home.

I was always just a guest, just like now.

Trampling footsteps came from upstairs.

Without even lifting my head, I knew it was Nanyang.

“What are you doing here” The tone was questioning and the face was filled with exasperation.

Her finger was about to touch my nose.

I glanced at Nan Feng and Li Yuan who was slowly walking down the stairs.

I smiled at Nanyang, “Big sister, whats wrong Why are you in such a foul mood Im back to visit my family.”

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Nanyang said angrily, “Youre an unlucky star.

We dont welcome you here!”

“Big sister, how could you say that Am I the unlucky star If you think about it, when I was around, everything went smoothly for the Nan Family but once I departed, everything went downhill.” I observed casually.

Nanyang was stumped and she didnt know what to say.

Nan Feng and Li Yuan had arrived finally.

I stood up and bowed at them, “Uncle, auntie.”

Nan Feng didnt give me a smile and sat across from me.

Li Yuan sneered.

“This is rare.

And I thought our second miss will never return to the Nan Family again.”

I smiled, “Im a member of the Nan Family, so this is also my home.”

Nan Feng snorted.

Nanyang shrieked, “What nonsense! This is not your home! Your uncle has already taken your custody.

You are not a member of the Nan Family anymore so get out!” She looked around, I knew she was looking for something to hit me with.

I stopped smiling and pressed the play button on my phone.

“Nanyangs boyfriend is a rich second generation and he often has meetings.

He needs girls like us to liven up the meeting with his rich friends.

Were only required to smile, sing some songs, crack some jokes, and so on.” This was the voice of the girl called Wang Jing.

She said this when she was trying to trick another girl to work for Nanyang.

Nanyang froze like I had put a spell on her.

She turned around and looked at me like I was a ghost.

I smiled faintly.

This was nothing yet.


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