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Chapter 186: Video Aid

“Brother Jing Ning, what do you need from me”

“I know you would help me.”

“There are many beautiful girls at your art school, right I need you to befriend some beautiful girls who are willing to help us.”

“Dont tell me you dont understand this simple logic Money, alcohol, and women, thats all a man wants.

As long as we can provide these, we can make any men our allies!”

“You, you want me to convince my friends at school to prostitute themselves”

“Is that so surprising Girls like you who are in their late teens are the freshest and alluring for powerful men.

With a little training, they can all be as seductive as you.”

I pressed the pause button because Nanyang was jumping over to snatch my phone.

I evaded her and asked, “Big sister, do you remember where was this taken”

“Give me your phone!” Nanyang hissed.

I stood up and waved the phone.

“Big sister, do you plan to destroy the evidence” Nanyang pounced at me with red eyes.

“Nanyang! Stop!” Nan Feng and Li Yuan heard everything.

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Nan Feng reacted faster and stood up to hold his daughter back.

He glared at Nanyang but he couldnt speak a word.

He turned to me.

“Where did you get this” Then he turned to Nanyang, “Where is this taken”

Nanyang glared at me but said nothing.

I coughed.

“Uncle, theres no need to worry, this conversation continues much further, and trust me, this is nothing.

As you can see, it was Big Sister who willingly serves Young Master Ning and she volunteered to take the fall for him.

But why are you angry Arent you already certain that Jing Ning is your future son-in-law”

Nan Fengs hands that held Nanyangs loosened.

Nanyang cried and threw herself into Li Yuans embrace.

Li Yuan was confused and flustered.

Nan Fengs expression was ugly as he ordered me, “Destroy it!”

Since the danger had been defused, I sat back down.

Nan Feng looked at me.

“Why are you here”

As expected of someone who is in the business world, he got straight to the phone.

I waved my phone.

“Uncle, thank you for not flying into histrionics.

Im here with this thing for a negotiation.”

Nan Feng calmed down and sat back down.

Li Yuan comforted Nanyang and then she glared at me.

“Where did second miss learn these unsavory tactics You came back to negotiate terms with your aunt and uncle with leverage on your big sister Weve truly raised an ingrate!”

I didnt mind.

“Aunt, its still early to determine if Im an ingrate.

Maybe its the one in your arms who is the ingrate.

Lets not jump to the conclusion.”

“You!” Li Yuan wasnt expecting me to talk back.

Nan Feng waved at her.

“Let her speak.” Li Yuan piped down.

Nanyang was sobbing quietly.

I shook my phone.

“Do you guys want to watch something else”

Nan Fengs expression darkened further.

Li Yuan widened her eyes.

Nanyang looked at me hatefully.

I played a video on my phone.

In the video, Nanyang was in a low-cut shirt.

She sat between two men.

The two mens hands traveled up Nanyangs thighs but she only smiled shyly.

Nanyang screamed and jumped at me to grab my phone.

I anticipated it and didnt give her the chance.


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