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Chapter 188: Shares

The next day, Nan Fengs secretary informed me to attend the board meeting of the Nan Corporation.

At the meeting, Nan Feng said affectionately, “As everyone knows, Nanxing is the sole daughter of my brother, Nan Zheng.

Unfortunately, Nan Zheng has passed away many years ago.

Now that Nanxing has turned 18, Ive decided to hand over Nan Zhengs shares for Nanxing to inherit.

Due to his personal reasons, Nan Zheng didnt have many company shares left to his name but as his older brother, I will not mistreat Nanxing.

Therefore, I will allocate his shares to Nanxing.

From today onwards, Nanxing will uphold the second branch of the Nan Family.

Everyone, please look after her.”

The board members were all shocked.

“Director Nan, how can this be Shes still a child! How can she own company shares”

“Director Nan, please think twice.

When you took over this mess, you have spent so much time and effort cleaning up everything.

How can you just toss the company share to an 18-year-old”

“Director Nan, we know you love your younger brother but this is no joking matter!”

“Thats right! We dont agree!”

“Director Nan, you need to rethink this!”

I sat down obediently and memorized the faces of these people… I would take my time to deal with them.

Also, I had to admire Nan Feng.

He had used a simple method to turn the rest of the directors against me.

Once he got the board riled up, Nan Feng raised his head and gestured for everyone to quiet down.

“Transferring the shares to Nanxing will not affect the running of Nan Corporation.

Nanxing is still a child and doesnt have any management experience.

Therefore, while she has company shares, she is not going to intervene in the companys decision-making.

Nanxing, do you understand” He was so kind to me.

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I nodded obediently and played along.

“I understand, uncle, thank you, uncle!”

Nan Feng continued, “With regards to Nan Zhengs inheritance, I will not use a penny from the company funds.

I will transfer the funds from my personal account to Nanxing.

It can be considered the dowry that Ive prepared for her.”

The directors were touched by Nan Fengs generosity and they stood up to give him resounding applause.

“Director Nan, you are amazing.

Nanxing must have been blessed in her past life to have an uncle like you!”

“Director Nan, youre so noble and virtuous!”

“Director Nan, your magnanimity is truly incomparable!”

“Director Nan, youre our example!”

I wanted to laugh.

They made it sound like Director Nan was a saint.

Nan Feng accepted the praises with a humble smile.

These people should be in a tv drama, they can just play themselves!

Just like that, I entered Nan Corporations board of directors.

I reclaimed my inheritance and Nan Corporation had released a public statement about it.

Jing Tian invited me to join him for a meal to congratulate me.

I was so happy.

Jing Tian brought me to a hot pot restaurant that just opened.

To me, I didnt care about the meal as long as I was with Jing Tian.

The place was quite packed.

Thankfully, Jing Tian had booked the seats in advance.

The decor at the shop was quite special.

There was no private booth but each table had 3 partitions to create a semi-independent space.

It created privacy without being too overbearing.

I took a sip of the tea served.

“Hmm, nice tea!”

Jing Tian looked at the menu while I sampled the snacks.

Before the waiter left, he said, “Master Qi, the chef has developed a new menu of snacks.

He would like to get your opinions.”

Jing Tian nodded.

“Okay, serve it then.

We have Nanxing to help taste them.”

The waiter was startled then he bowed respectfully.

“Nice to meet you, Sister Xing.

Please wait for a moment.”

My mouth was round with shock.

Jing Tian chuckled.

“Cant you tell This is my shop.”


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