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Chapter 189: Eating

The snacks were very delicious, and I gave them high praise.

By the end, the chef also served us delicious fruit juice, which made me extremely happy.

Jing Tian smiled at my high spirits.

“Its that delicious Ill have them send some to my house for you.” Jing Tian offered.

I shook my head.

“The drink and food are not that important, the important thing is the dinner companion! Its rare that we can spend time together alone!”

Jing Tian smiled dotingly.

He picked up his cup to clink with mine.

“This is to congratulate you for getting your fathers things back.” I raised my cup to his.

“Thank you! Im very happy!”

We both took a sip of the fruit juice and I heaved a sigh of satisfaction.

Jing Tian looked at me with humor.

“I hear you were very much an imposing Sister Xing when you went to negotiate with the Nan Family; at the directors meeting at Nan Corporation, you were obedient and understanding like the young lady that you are; but now why are you acting like a child”

I tilted my head to smile at him, “Because Im with you.

Only when I am before you, I do not need to put on a disguise.

Only before you, I can be the real Nanxing!”

Jing Tian placed a piece of meat into my bowl.

He smiled, “I like you no matter how you are.” I was swooning.

“By the way, Tong Le is coming back next month.” Jing Tian suddenly announced.

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“What about Jing Ni” I was immediately worried about Jing Ni.

My little uncle wasnt famed for his gentle nature.

I didnt have much hope for him to take care of Jing Ni.

Then again, it didnt matter to me if he came back or not, as long as he was safe and sound.

I was not that worried about my little uncle.

But Jing Ni, just the thought of her made my heart squeeze with pain.

Jing Tian said lightly, “She still needs to stay there for treatment.”

I slammed my chopsticks down.

“Then why is Tong Le coming back! Tell him to stay over there to accompany Jing Ni.

There is nothing for him to worry about here.

We are both helping him watch over everything so tell him not to worry! Jing Tian, you have to tell him that he cant come back!” I said resolutely. This little uncle of mine just likes to find trouble.

Jing Tian smiled.

“Nanxing, thats your little uncle.

You shouldnt order him around like that.”

“Hmph!” I was displeased.

Jing Tian explained to me, “Jing Nis conditions have stabilized.

She has agreed for Tong Le to come back first.

Tomorrow I will send third aunt over there to accompany Jing Ni.

No one knows their child better than the mother.

Tong Le is of no help to Jing Ni already.

He can only offer financial help now but I dont think thats a problem.”

Jing Tian then smiled at me.

I nodded.

“Thats right.” Jing Ni didnt need money, Sky City wired money into Auntie Bai Ruis account every month.

I told her it was Jing Nis scholarship money.

Auntie Bai Rui didnt go out much so she accepted the explanation.

But now that she was going to be sent over there to accompany Jing Ni, I was worried.

“Dont worry, we will arrange everything.

If you continue to worry over this, youll get so many lines that youd resemble an old lady!” Jing Tian rubbed my head.

I nodded reluctantly.

“What a coincidence to meet the two of you here.” A gentle voice came from behind Jing Tian.

I raised my head and called out happily, “Gu Nian.”

Jing Tians face instantly darkened.

Gu Nian pulled out a chair and sat down beside us.

“Master Qi sure is free today to bring Nanxing out for dinner.”

Jing Tian replied plainly, “I will find time to accompany her no matter how busy I am.”

I told Gu Nian excitedly.

“Have you heard Im now a board member of the Nan Corporation!”


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