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Since Jing Ni and I took different courses, our exam locations were far away from each other.

She wasnt there to watch my back so I had to rely on myself.

I answered the paper with extreme focus.

I was very satisfied.

I felt like I had made great improvements over the summer break.

In my previous life, after I failed to get into M University, my education fell by the wayside.


Therefore, it was quite difficult for me to pick up my studies after being away for so long.

Thankfully, Jing Tian was a good teacher, so was Lin Ran.

During the exam break, Jing Ni came to visit me.

We had a quick chat before she had to race back to her exam hall.

Before the rest of the exam started, I closed my eyes and rested at the corner of the room.

“Nan Xing, the teacher wants you to go to the Photocopy Room to get some papers!” Someone shouted at the door.

When I opened my eyes, the person had already disappeared.

I looked at the cast around my leg and I sighed.

My class teacher focused entirely on our test scores.

As long as your grade was good, she would treat you like a God.

If your grade was bad, then there was nothing to be said, you would be assigned all the trivial tasks in class.

There was no way of resisting.

If you had any objection, she would lecture you for at least 3 hours about her ideology so that youd rather do the work than to suffer her lectures any further.

For example, even my injury couldnt stop the teacher from pushing me to do menial work.

I picked up my crutches.

Thankfully my injury had healed aplenty during the break.

The cast could be removed soon.

The Photocopy Room was situated at a secluded corner of school.

One wall over and youd reach the adjacent school.

Many truant students would use this route to escape from school.

Sometimes, hooligans from outside would sneak into school from this point of entry as well.

This was a locale where the good students would never visit.

However, due to my bad results, I often came to this place to complete tasks for my class teacher.

I was very familiar with this place.

It was why when I got near, I sensed something was wrong.

I pushed open the door to the photocopy room.

I laid one crutch against the door and walked deeper into the room with the other.

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Suddenly, the door closed behind me.

I turned to the corner of the room and 3 hooligans showed themselves.

They had multi-colored hair and were dressed in clothes that they assumed were cool.

They sauntered over arrogantly.

They sized me up and said with a smile, “Oh, the treat this time is not bad! If we gift you to our boss, well be greatly rewarded.

The girls didnt lie to us.”

While they talked among themselves, I silently moved towards the corner.

My right hand found what I was looking for.

It was a stone paperweight.

It was incredibly heavy.

Thankfully I knew this place like the back of my hand.

“Girlie, come with your big brothers, we promise to treat you well!” The leader with brown hair walked towards me.

I studied his gait and calculated the distance in my mind.

They cackled salaciously, “Dont be afraid, little girl.

We promise to bring you on a joyride.”

When he was close enough, I swung the paperweight at the leaders head.

He groaned and collapsed.

The other two were startled and jumped back at the same time.

I really had to thank Jing Tian for thepunishments during the summer break.

It had improved my stamina by a lot.

I took a leap forward and swung the paperweight at the red-haired man.

He slumped down to the floor.


The remaining man retreated and warned with a shaking tone, “Dont, dont come any closer.”

I smiled and stepped over the two fainted men.

The thug was cornered.

“Dont, I, you…”

I held the paperweight in one hand and carried the crutch in another.

I thought for a moment before throwing the paperweight into steel rack beside the thug.

It thundered.

“Ah!” The man hugged his head as he squatted down.

“Do you want me to call the police or youre going to haul them out yourself” I asked.

The man answered timidly, “I… Ill handle it.”

“Good, remember to clean up this place before you leave.” I looked at the two men on the ground and the scattered papers which were knocked over.

“Of course, of course.” The man promised eagerly.

I turned around and walked to the door.

I grabbed my other crutch.

I turned to look at the man.

“Did the girls who send you didnt inform you of my violent tendency Im letting you three go today because Im in a good mood… But remember to send my regards to the girls who hired you.

You know what to do.”

I turned around with my crutches and hobbled away.


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