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Chapter 190: Love Rival

Translator: Lonelytree

I was very proud of myself.

Gu Nian wanted to offer me the Nan Corporation many times but I refused him because I could take back the things on my own.

The Nan Corporation would one day be mine and I would take it back on my own!

I wanted to tell Gu Nian to not underestimate me! I didnt need scraps from others!

Gu Nian smiled.

“I heard.

The news has already spread.

Nanxing, you are now Nan Corporations youngest director.”

I smiled proudly.

He was my business partner so I didnt have much alertness around him.

Gu Nians smile was warm.

“Nanxing, actually I have prepared a gift for you.

I was planning to send it to your university tomorrow but I didnt expect to run into you and Master Qi now.”

“Present” I swallowed the food and shook my hands.

“Thank you but its alright.

I dont need any present.” I looked at Jing Tian and noticed his face darkened slightly.

I was reminded of Jing Tians warning and I said cautiously, “Jing Tian will prepare a present for me, so I dont need a present from anyone else.” Perhaps it was my imagination but I swore I saw Jing Tian smile.


Gu Nian didnt seem to notice Jing Tian.

He continued gently.

“The fact that youve achieved so much at such a young age is worth celebrating, I just want to share my joy with you.”

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“Master Liu, I have to wonder if you know that Nanxing is my fiance” Jing Tian suddenly asked.

I could feel the temperature around me drop.

The chopsticks that I reached out to grab the vege shrunk back involuntarily.

Jing Tian glared at me.

Then he picked up the vege I gave up and placed it on my plate.

Gu Nians expression didnt change.

“I did hear about that.”

Jing Tian announced, “Then Master Liu, please keep your distance.

Nanxing will not accept gifts from men other than myself.” I smiled widely as I munched on the vege.

I nodded.

I like a jealous Jing Tian!

Gu Nian looked at me and then at Jing Tian.

“I believe Nanxing is still too young, she doesnt really understand what love is.

Perhaps she has merely fallen for love itself.

Jing Tian, you happen to be on her side and she has projected that love on you.”

My mouth was rounder than the fish ball.

That was so philosophical! I was confused by it.

What is he talking about I turned to Jing Tian, I wanted to know if he caught the meaning or not.

Jing Tian though was looking at Gu Nian.


Gu Nian smiled, “So I wish to give Nanxing another choice, a chance to make comparisons.” He turned around and smiled at me.

“Nanxing, I love you! Would you be my girlfriend”

What I was startled.

Before I could say anything, Gu Nian raised his hand to stop me.

“You dont need to answer me now.

Think about it.

10 years, 20 years, it doesnt matter, I will wait for you.”

My mind went blank.

I had no idea Gu Nian liked me.

I had always treated him like a business partner.

If we cooperated a few more times, I might have treated him like my big brother.

But he had confessed to me Before my lover

I turned to Jing Tian.

This time I was in no mood to see him get jealous because things were spirally out of hand!

However, Jing Tians expression was no longer as dark as before.

He put down his chopsticks.

“Master Liu, you are too late.

Nanxing has already promised her whole life to me.

In the next 50, 60 years, much less 10 or 20 years, she is never going to change her mind, so Master Liu, please change yours.”

Gu Nian shrugged, “Master Qi, never say never.”

Jing Tian smiled..

“I am lucky to run across a girl like Nanxing, do you think I will let anyone get in my way Dont worry, I will never let her go.”


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