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Chapter 195: Relation

If I didnt have the memories of my previous life, I might be convinced by Ye Qians heartfelt persuasion.

I sighed helplessly, “Sister Ye Qian, youve mistaken me for someone else.

Im really not as amazing as you believe me to be.

My dream is to stay by Jing Tians side forever.

If hes happy, Im happy; if hes sad, Im sad; I really dont care about anything else.

“Furthermore, Jing Tian is a living human, how do you expect me to surrender him to someone else Even if I let him go, is Gu Yan capable enough to make him stay by her side”

Ye Qianskindness was thus rejected.

Ye Qians expression shifted for a moment but she soon added in a gentler tone, “Nanxing, you are still young now.

There are certain things that you might not be able to see now.

For example, you are already in hot waters with the Shi Family.

The Shi Family will not let you go so easily until you enter their family.

However, once you do, Im afraid that is only when your real tragedy starts.

However, if you have the Gu Family on your side, even Master Shi has to give Master Gu Er face.

So Id advise you to not be so stubborn.”

No wonder I was schemed by Ye Qian in my previous life until I had nothing left.

If not for my experience, I would have thrown myself at her feet by now.

I smiled at her.

“Perhaps Sister Ye Qian is right, I will think about it.”

Ye Qians smile became more real.

“Okay, I will wait for your good news.”

She would not leave my dorm until I agreed.

Ye Qian turned around and stumbled into Lu Yan who was walking in.

They were both startled.

Ye Qian lowered her head and escaped.

Lu Yan stood at the door stunned, staring at Ye Qian.

“Lu Yan” I called her name.

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Lu Yan shivered and then turned to smile at me.

“Nanxing, why didnt you go back home today”

I smiled, “I was about to leave but a guest came so I stayed a while.”

Lu Yans smile dimmed.

She turned to arrange her stuff.

She stacked her 4 books again and again.

“That was your friend How come I have not seen her before.” Lu Yan sounded nervous.

She stood away from me and asked this question as casually as she could.

I nodded.

“Well, this is her first time here.

Perhaps shes here for Mai Qi I dont know, Im not that familiar with her.”

“Oh, is, is she a student here” Lu Yan still hadnt turned around.

“No, I hear she graduated from an overseas university but I have no idea which university,” I answered plainly.

Lu Yan stopped and sat down in her chair.

I saw the book open before Lu Yan but she had not turned a single page.

“Lu Yan” I called her softly.

She ignored me.

Or she didnt hear me.

“Lu Yan” I walked over to pat her on her shoulder.

Lu Yan jumped up from her seat.

When she turned around, her face was ashen.

She forced a smile, “Nanxing, whats wrong Arent you going home”

“Yes, Im leaving.

I wanted to tell you goodbye.

Whats on your mind Why do you look so out of it tonight” I smiled.

Lu Yan averted her gaze.

“Oh, there is a math equation I cant solve.


I glanced at the book, it was an English novel. A math equation inside an English novel

I smiled and left the dorm.


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