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Chapter 198: The Damsel

The Nan Family and the Jing Family tried their best to settle this quietly.

However, unfortunately for them, a powerful character had chosen this moment to move to M City.

So none of the local officials dared to bend the rules for the Nan Family or the Jing Family lest they earned this new arrivals ire.

Therefore, Nanyangs case was treated fairly and she was officially arrested.

Yu Ying was like a brave warrior, she exposed Nanyang and herglorious deeds.

Then more girls stood forward to expose Nanyang.

They described how they were scammed, persuaded, and used until they had no choice but to continue their lives as tools for Nanyang.

Voices of condemnation gushed forward like a flood.

Even after Nanyang was arrested, the anger of the public didnt stop.

The anger was directed at the Nan Corporation.

The shares of the company plummeted until they reached rock bottom.

The shareholders no longer had smiles for each other, they all stared daggers at Nan Feng.

Nan Feng was not faring too well either.

On one hand, he had to save his arrested daughter, on the other hand, he had to comfort the company shareholders.

When he got home, he would see Li Yuan who looked like a ghost.

She cried all day.

Nan Feng sighed but there was nothing he could do.

I sat in the office of Sky City.

I looked at the girl before me whose face and body were covered in bruises.

My heart went out to her.

This was Yu Ying.

After she exposed Nanyang on the internet, people soon took revenge on her.

If not for Tan Si, Yu Ying probably would be dead already.

However, Yu Ying thought we were from the same gang as Nanyang so shed rather die than cooperate with us.

We didnt have any database on normal citizens so when we found the files on Yu Yings family, it was already too late.

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Yu Yings home was burnt down.

The whole street was scorched in the fire.

It was written off as a gas leak explosion.

But the center of the explosion was Yu Yings home so we knew what really happened.

Even Yu Ying knew what happened.

She had been crying for a whole day already.

Sky City had no women so Tan Si had no choice but to turn to me for help.

“Yu Ying, if you are done crying, perhaps we can talk now” I cleared my throat.

Yu Ying could cry to the end of time but I didnt have the time to wait.

I had Professor Jing Tians class in the afternoon.

If I didnt show up, hed have my skin.

Jing Tian had been keeping a close watch on me recently.

If I sneaked out and was discovered, Jing Tian would be disappointed.

I was not afraid of him scolding me, but my heart couldnt stand seeing him unhappy.

Just the thought of it made my heart weaken.

So I had no time to waste on Yu Ying.

Yu Ying still had no intention of stopping so I had to cut to the chase.

“Yu Ying, if you think crying can solve the problem, then I will release you now.

Feel free to cry out there on the street and see if people will come to help you.

Or if you think there is someone else who can help you, then feel free to leave.”

Yu Ying stopped crying and with a sob, she raised her head to look at me.

Tsk! She was truly beautiful.

Nanyang was not good at anything but she had an eye for beauty.

Even though her face was swollen from all the crying, Yu Ying was still soul-crushingly beautiful.

Her facial features were exquisite.

God must have paid extra attention when making her.

There was no flaw to her beauty.

However, there was a valiant aura between her brows.

I sighed. How foolish is Nanyang Just look at this girl and I know she is not the kind to have others run her life for her.


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