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Chapter 199: Confession

“Why are you helping me” Yu Ying finally spoke and her voice was hoarse.

I sighed in relief.

Things would be easier now that she was willing to speak.

“Im not helping you, Im helping myself.” I shrugged and said calmly.

Yu Ying was confused.

“My name is Nan Xing.

Im Nanyangs cousin.

My father passed away early and my eldest uncle took over all the family assets.

It took me a lot to squeeze into the Nan Corporations board of directors.

Before I could take back the company for my father, your incident happened.

I dont care about Nanyang but the Nan Corporation cant fall because it is mine.” I said.

“But what does that have to do with me” Yu Ying was puzzled.

Her red, swollen eyes looked at me innocently.

I explained patiently, “After the scandal with Nanyang, the stock price for the Nan Corporation plummeted.

That affects me.

If something happens to you, then the Nan Corporation will probably go bankrupt.

I dont want that so I saved you.” I knew Yu Ying was very guarded around me.

Instead of telling her that I had purposely saved her, it was more tactful to say I saved her for my own sake.

As I expected, she visibly relaxed.

“Have you not considered the consequence before you came after Nanyang like that” I asked her in a tone as casual as I could manage.

Yu Yings eyes were filled with hatred.

“No matter what I do, Ill die.

This way, at least Ill pull her down with me.

If I dont do this, the suffering will never end.

I just didnt realize my parents would be implicated.” Then she started to cry again, “Theyve already suffered so much because of me.

Before they could enjoy their lives, they died because of me.

This is my fault, I should go to hell!” She cried like her heart had been torn apart.

I scratched my chin and chose to be silent.

I allowed her to cry.

I could empathize with her.

However, I couldnt agree with her solution.

What could crying solve If crying could solve a problem, Id stay at home and cry all day.

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After some more crying, Yu Ying finally calmed down again.

I asked, “So what do you plan to do next”

Yu Ying was startled before she hissed, “I have evidence on their criminal activities, I will bring them to court!”

I shook my head.

“You dont believe me Ive recorded all of their conversations!” Yu Ying said.

I looked at her and finally understood the meaning of the foolish is the most fearless.

The fact that this girl managed to survive under Nanyang and Ye Qian for so long without being discovered was a blessing in itself.

“There are many behind-the-scene collusions.

All of them are up to bad things.

Nanyangs boyfriend even tries to go after his own biological uncle! Their hearts are all black!” Yu Ying gripped her fists.

Nanyangs boyfriends uncle Jing Tian

I sat up straighter.

“What did they plan to do to his uncle”

Yu Ying was startled.


I leaned nervously forward.

“You mentioned Nanyangs boyfriend.

What is he planning to do to his uncle”

“Oh… He wants to kick his uncle out.

He says he only has one chance and he has to go for the jugular.

He will make sure that his uncle is unable to come back from this.

Isnt the man vicious In order to achieve their goal, they are willing to do anything.

In fact, theyve given us as gifts to the officials!” Yu Ying trembled with anger.

I didnt hear what she said next because I was stuck on what she said earlier. Jing Ning has already gone after Jing Tian He wants to drive Jing Tian out of the Jing Family And hed do anything to make sure Jing Tian will never come back from this

My heart frosted over.


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