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The wedding candles swayed and waves churned inside the bed canopy.

Jing Tian was like a beast unleash.

He expressed his joy to his hearts content, not knowing the meaning of fatigue.

I was like a small boat caught in the heavy waves.

I was tossed and turned, the only thing anchoring me to reality was my husband.

“Nan Xing, lets go register tomorrow!” His mellow and sincere voice rang in my ears.

“Okay,” I replied.

The last bit of rationality that still remained dug up the question in my mind, “What if your family members dont agree” After all, I was his nephews ex-wife.

“Why should we need the permission from others.

Youre mine and Im yours, for this life and all the next.” Jing Tians answer settled my heart.

Indeed, Jing Tian, I am willing to be yours always.

I will love you with everything that I have, to be shaped by your love with everything that I am.

In extreme satisfaction and lethargy, I felt asleep.

Jing Tians kisses landed on my body.

Being loved by the person you love, that is truly the happiest thing in the world.

I had never slept as peacefully as I did that night in the past 7 years.

Even flowers had bloomed in my dream.

I stretched lazily in bed and instantly felt sore all over. This is all Jing Tians fault!

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I snickered to myself.

From this day onward, I would live blissfully and repay Jing Tian for every single day of the last 7 years he had accompanied me.

I pulled down the quilt and reached out to hug Jing Tian.

My hand touched nothing.

I was startled. Where is Jing Tian 

My eyes flew open.

The thing that greeted me was a simple light blue table lamp on the bedside table.

My breathing halted in my throat.

This table lamp was the one in my maiden room.

It was a hand-me-down by my big sister, Nan Yang.

I sat up immediately.

“Jing Tian” I cried out softly.

No one answered me.


Around me was a room that was all too familiar to me.

My heart was palpitating and my breathing became rapid.

It was as if the air in my lungs wanted to escape.

I had to stop and take in deep gulps of air in order to calm my beating heart.

This was my maiden room before I was married out of the Nan Family!

Why am I here Ever since I was married off 8 years ago, I had never spent another moment in this bed.

In fact, I hadnt even stepped foot in this bedroom ever since the marriage.

A married daughter is another familys daughter.

My parents have it clear that there is no place for me at this home anymore!

The warning siren rang in my head. Wheres Jing Tian! Jing Tian and I lived in the Jing Familys old house, we decorated the place in a classical style.

There were supposed to be wedding candles about the size of ones arm inside the wedding chamber, so where were they now!

We were going to get married and registered today.

Jing Tian told me that last night.

Before I drifted off to sleep, he put a ring on my finger.

He said it was a family heirloom.

I stretched out my hand.

There was nothing on my finger.

My hands were shaking.

My heart was trembling.

Suddenly, there came a knock from the door.

“Nan Xing, Nan Xing, dont tell me youre still sleeping! Do you know what time is it now” The voice from outside the door was gentle yet sharp.

The chill rose in my heart.

The familiar feeling of unease gripped my heart.

As if running on habit, my body jumped out from bed to open the door.

Standing outside the door was someone I never wanted to see in my life again– My older sister, Nan Yang.

Nan Yangs beautiful eyebrows scrunched up together, but she kept her voice gentle and pleasant, “Nan Xing, are you alright Did you pull all-nighters playing video games again Have you forgotten that today is fathers 48th birthday Every member from the Jing Family and Nan Family will be coming.

You better go and change! Dont make us Nan Family lose face!”

It was like cymbals had clashed in my ears.

My brain was buzzing. Fathers 48th birthday Father is supposed to be 58 this year, plus his birthday has passed a long time ago. 


Have, have I been reborn to 10 years ago

“Hey, are you even listening to me” Nan Yangs voice turned shrill as she reached out to push me.

I staggered from force.

My feet slipped on a book on the ground and fell to the carpet.

“Nan Xing, stop playing a fool with me!” Nan Yang, clearly displeased with my actions, kicked me in the knee.

The pain woke me up instantly.

I quickly got up to avoid more punishment from Nan Yang.

“Big Sister, Ill go prepare now.” Before Nan Yang could say anything else, I bowed respectfully.

Nan Yang glanced at the book I slipped on and she scoffed with derision, “What were you doing with those books anyway Are you still thinking about getting into M University Its impossible with that pig brain of yours! So stop dreaming! Today is dads birthday, well be entertaining many guests so keep your mouth zipped, you hear me”


Nan Yang dropped her lady act and stormed away arrogantly.


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