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Chapter 200: Expulsion

Translator: Lonelytree

“I want to buy all the evidence you have,” I said coldly.

Yu Ying was stunned.

“Yu Ying, I want to buy the evidence from you.

Name a price.

I can send you abroad and have you start over with a new identity.” I offered.

Yu Ying looked at me in confusion.

“The uncle that you mentioned earlier is my fiance! Yu Ying, if you are willing to give me the evidence, I will satisfy all of your wishes.” I said calmly.

Yu Ying looked at me and then finally said, “But even if you have the evidence, you need the witness.”

I was startled.

“I am willing to stay to be your witness.

Its my way to repay you for saving my life.

Just tell me when you need me to appear as your witness.” She uttered softly but her eyes were determined.

My phone rang.

I answered it and then put it down.

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“Yu Ying, your parents are still alive,” I told her slowly.

Yu Ying jumped up and asked in a shaking voice, “What did you say”

I looked up at her and felt happy for her.

“Your parents are still alive.

They have been brought out from the house beforehand.

Your neighbors have been injured to various degrees but no one is dead.

You dont need to carry around such a big burden.

Dont worry.

I will pay for your neighbors medical fee and even the fee for the reconstruction.

Do you think that will work”

Yu Ying looked at me and then suddenly knelt to the ground and kowtowed to me.

I was startled.

I hurried to stop her.

“Hey, what are you doing”

Yu Ying already made three kowtows.

“Thank you, thank you for saving my parents.”

She cried so hard.

I was fluttered.

I was used to dealing with green teas but I never had someone thank me so sincerely before.

I felt indescribably proud.

It is true that doing good deeds can bring you happiness.

I needed to share this joy with Brother Hus team!

Yu Ying said firmly, “Miss Nan, let me stay to be your witness! Since my parents are safe, then I have nothing to fear.

Let me repay you!”

I pulled her up.

“Yu Ying, you need to be more careful since your parents are safe.

You need to be safe to stay with them.

So you need to get out while you still can.

Dont worry.

I wont let any of the bad guys off.

They will pay for what they have done.”

Yu Ying was moved.

I asked Ah Hu to make arrangements for Yu Yings family and Yu Ying handed me a USB drive.

However, I was still too late.

Suddenly there was a rumor that Jing Tian wasnt Old Master Jings biological son.

He only stayed with the family because Jing Tians mother was Old Master Jings mistress.

So technically, Jing Tian didnt belong to the Jing Family.

The rumors provided many convincing details so it was hard to believe they were not true.

I handed the USB drive to Jing Tian.

This was one of Jing Nings plans.

Forcing Jing Tian out of the Jing Family was the first step because Jing Tian was the biggest threat to Jing Ning to inherit the Jing Family.

Jing Tian studied the contents of the USB drive calmly.

“Then I shall leave the Jing family,” he said indifferently.

I was startled.

“Jing Tian”

I was willing to pay any price to protect Jing Tian! I didnt want anyone to hurt him! But he said he was going to leave the Jing Family I looked at him with disbelief.

In my previous life, Jing Tian had established his own forces.

But at this moment, Jing Tian was the central pillar of the Jing Family.

This slander was enough to ruin everything Jing Tian had done for the Jing Family! It might ruin Jing Tian too!

Jing Tian looked at me and smiled, “Nanxing, would you take me in then Feed me and clothe me”


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