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Chapter 201: Solution

“Of course!” I blurted out. What is really going on

I stomped my foot in anger.

“Jing Tian, this is serious!”

Jing Tian smiled and rubbed my hair with his hand.

“Silly girl, I am being serious too!”

“Jing Ning has really crossed the line this time.

In order to monopolize the family power, he will stoop to the lowest! How can he slander you like this You can exit the Jing Family but not at this timing! It will only make people talk further!” I frowned and grabbed him tightly.

Jing Tian held my hands and smiled, “Jing Ning is not really the problem.”

I was confused.

Jing Tian said calmly, “Nanxing, dont worry about me.

You should focus on yourself.

I will handle the things at the Jing Family.”

I felt better seeing how calm Jing Tian was.

“Jing Tian, in my dream, you have made yourself independent from the Jing Family too.

You had your own career and you were above aligning yourself with these people.”

Jing Tian was startled before he laughed.

“Thats good, then why are you so worried”

I shook in his arms.

“Im not worried, Im indignant on your behalf.”

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Jing Tians eyes filled with complicated emotions that I couldnt understand.

“Itll be fine, just focus on your own goal.

Trust me, okay” I looked at him before finally nodding.

Of course, I trusted him.

In this world, who else could I trust

But I was still worried.

How could I do nothing when the whole world was slandering him

Ye Qian was truly not to be trifled with.

The only solution was to get focused and deal with the problems one at a time.

Nan Corporation was a mess.

The shaky stock price pressured Nan Feng greatly.

The Jing Family became his last hope.

He turned to the Jing Family for help but the Jing Family refused because they were embroiled in negative news too.

I knew this was my chance.

During the right directors meeting, I would inject more capital into Nan Corporation and demand a redistribution of shares.

That was my next step to have complete control of the Nan Corporation.

If I had accepted Gu Nians offer, I could have skipped all these but I wanted to take things one step at a time, using my way to reclaim the things that belonged to me.

So I waited, waiting for the right moment.

The directors meetings were a mess.

The directors argued with each other and came up with nothing helpful.

However, Nan Feng was unusually calm today.

So calm that I was shocked.

The changes recently had aged him overnight.

He looked so tired during every previous directors meeting.

But today, he was very different.

He was like an outsider looking at the people who fought among one another.

He even smiled.

I was instantly alerted.

The phone on his table vibrated and Nan Feng looked even more relaxed.

He tapped on the table and shouted, “People!” His voice was louder than everyone else and everyone quieted down.

Nan Feng tapped on the table again and silenced that last bit of noise.

“Everyone, if none of you have any solution, why not hear me out”

A bad premonition suddenly rose in my heart.

Nan Feng said, “None of us wants this but this is the situation we face.

Our only option is to find outside help.

If someone is willing to invest in our company, we will be saved immediately!”

The words were like a drop of water falling into a pot of oil.

It exploded.


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