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Chapter 202: The New Investor

Translator: Lonelytree

“Who is going to invest And what form will it take”

“Does this mean we are selling the Nan Corporation”

“What will happen to us after the new investors come in”

“Of course, there will be a redistribution of shares.

Original shareholders like us will be swept aside.”

“How can that be I dont agree!”

“How can you not agree What else can you do The Nan Corporation is about to collapse.

Dont you get it Do you want to end up with nothing”

“This happens too suddenly.

We have to be careful.”

I understood then that Nan Feng had already sold the company underneath all of us shareholders.

As for the buyers, I had many guesses.

Currently, M City was a hotspot.

Of the 7 Brothers, 6 of them were at M City, this proved how valuable this place was.

I was almost certain that it was Master Gu Er who was the new investor.

This had to be Ye Qians handiwork again.

That woman…

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Nan Feng talked over everyone.

He sounded proud.

“I understand your feelings but you have to believe me.

No one cares about this company more than I do.

After all, this is everything the Nan Family has.

Do you think I will joke around with something like this I have already found a new investor for us and they will bring about a new development for the company.

I believe our future will be brighter!” Everyone turned to Nan Feng to wait for him to continue.

He coughed and looked at everyone.

As expected, he didnt even look at me.

In his eyes, I was just a mere nuisance.

Then he said in a serious voice, “Now, let us invite Mr.

Wei Peng from the capital!”

He waved at his assistant behind him.

I was shocked.

I was not expecting Wei Peng.

Wei Peng, dressed in white, walked in with a smile.

Behind him were 5 of his assistant.

One of them was Lee Yang!

Our gazes met in the air and then we both turned away.

Nan Feng introduced Wei Peng.

Wei Peng sat down on the seat Nan Feng vacated.

He started to talk to the directors.

He looked very confident.

He didnt think much of the Nan Corporations current shareholders.

I sat in my seat and surreptitiously studied the expressions of the few biggest shareholders.

Thankfully not everyone was welcoming of Wei Peng.

In the end, Wei Peng said that he would be investing 1 billion and he would also use his companies in Beijing to help the Nan Corporation overcome this hurdle.

His words stirred up a thousand waves.

Now everyone was smiling.

But then Wei Peng produced his plan to redistribute the share.

He would take 50 percent and the rest would be recounted according to their original shares.

There was really no need for recounting because this was blatant robbery! Using this new redistribution, a few of the current directors would be eliminated on the spot.

Some of them would be close to bankruptcy.

Wei Peng was not coming to help, he was coming to rob.

Wei Peng didnt care about the anger of the people in the room.

It was clear that he was here to bully people.

After all, the Nan Corporation was dying, none of the directors had the right to demand anything from him.

So Wei Peng sat there confidently and looked at everyone with big smiles.

As for Nan Feng, he sat beside Wei Peng.

He looked at his partners with an expressionless face like this had nothing to do with him.

Nan Feng had gotten the thing he wanted, he no longer cared about the rest who basically built the company with him.


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