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Chapter 203: Confrontation

“I will offer 1.5 billion to invest in the company without changing the original share distribution.” I stood up and said.

My voice pierced through the room.

Instantly everyone was silenced.

Everyone looked at me.

I lowered my head.

Hmm, since this was a board meeting, I wore a white silk shirt, with black pantaloons and a black suit.

Other than my age, I felt I looked quite professional.

I didnt feel much pressure from the gazes.

Wei Pengs expression was ugly.

Nan Feng said angrily, “Nanxing, cant you tell what is happening! What are you talking about Get out!”

I couldnt care less.

I said faintly.

“As an outsider, Mr.

Wei can invest in the Nan Corporation.

As a member of the Nan Family, why cant I Do I not have that right What about the other investors What do you think I will invest 1.5 billion without changing the share distribution.

Do you prefer my offer or Mr.

Weis offer”

I smiled and mimicked Nan Feng as I swept everyones faces.

People were stunned.

Different faces, same expression.

I smiled.

“Please dont doubt my words.

I will only give the promise that I can keep.

Am I right, Master Wei Wu”

I turned to Wei Peng.

Wei Peng smiled faintly, “Miss Nanxing is right.

1.5 billion is nothing to you.

Tong Huan has left more than that for you.”

I smiled.

“Master Wei Wu, thank you for vouching for me.

I will privately take out 1.5 billion to help the Nan Corporation.

I will not touch the shares of the other directors, I only want my uncles part.

I wonder if there is any objection”

“You want to buy my shares for a mere 1.5 billion In your dreams!” Nan Feng shouted.

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“Then how much have you sold it for to Master Wei Wu” I asked.

Nan Feng was stumped.

Then it dawned on the other directors.

“Nan Feng, you have already sold us out”

“So you took the money for yourself and then have others to come to rob us Nan Feng, how evil can you be”

“This whole incident is caused by your daughter, why should we suffer for it”

“No, we will not agree to Mr.

Weis investment.

Nan Feng, you owe us an explanation!”

As the riot was about to start, I knocked on the table to signal for them to be quiet.

It was very effective.

Wei Peng said, “Nanxing, are you serious about this This is not a joke.” His voice was unusually gentle.

If not for my understanding of the 7 Brothers, I would think he was a kind elder offering me advice.

I smiled.

“Yes, Im serious.

Master Wei Wu.” Politeness went both ways.

My little uncle had taught me that.

Wei Peng smiled, but the smile didnt reach his eyes.

“Nanxing, I will invest 1 billion and use the Wei Familys influence to wash away the bad reputation of the Nan Corporation.

You might have an extra 500 million but can you save the Nan Corporations reputation”

He had a point.

He earned a few nods of agreement from the directors.

Nan Fengs face was ugly.

I nodded.

“Master Wei Wu is correct.

But how bad is the Nan Corporations reputation anyway So the Eldest Miss Nan encountered a bad person and was deceived into doing some illegal things.

Miss Nan is not a part of the Nan Corporation, she has no direct relationship with this company.

Plus…” I glanced at Nan Feng.

“As long as eldest uncle accepts the blame and resigns as the chairman of the Nan Corporation, the bad reputation of the Nan Corporation will be wiped clean, no”


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