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Chapter 205: Pregnancy

Things progressed faster than I had expected.

Since Nan Feng failed to gain anything from the reorganization of the Nan Corporation, he turned to focus on his daughter.

After all, Nan Yang was the eldest miss of the Nan Family.

They couldnt allow her to stay at the detention center forever.

After I returned evidence of Nanyangs crime to Nan Feng, he instantly mounted a team of lawyers to save Nanyang.

When everything was ready, suddenly Nanyang was granted parole.

This was because Nanyang was pregnant.

Nan Feng immediately blocked the news.

He couldnt let the media get their hands on this news.

For the sake of his daughter, Nan Feng finally had to harden his stance.

Nan Feng demanded that Jing Ning marry Nanyang because she was pregnant with his child.

Jing Ning had to take responsibility.

However, Jing Nings mother, Su Qing, was not an easy person to deal with.

Now that Nanyangs reputation was ruined, why would the Jing Family take in this piece of trash Her son was not lacking in potential wives.

Ye Qian was many times better than Nanyang.

The marriage Impossible!

However, Nanyangs mother, Li Yuan was not so easily deterred either!

This concerned the rest of Nanyangs life.

Before Ye Qian arrived, Su Qing praised Nanyang endlessly.

She was so glad when Jing Ning chose Nanyang over me in the end.

Su Qing praised Nanyang highly.

But now, Su Qing treated Nanyang like a rotten tomato.

Naturally, Li Yuan wouldnt stand for this.

The battle between the two mothers reached a climax.

Su Qing refused to admit that the child in Nanyangs stomach was Jing Nings.

This pushed Li Yuan to take out the video that I had given to them, the video of Nanyang and Jing Ning at the old Nan residence.

Li Yuan was willing to die with the Jing Family.

If something happened to her daughter, the Jing Family would go down with her!

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Jing Ning was already very busy trying to squeeze Jing Tian out of the Jing Family.

He really didnt have the time to deal with Nanyang and her child.

However, Li Yuans threat was very effective, Jing Ning couldnt afford any more negative press.

Therefore, after multiple negotiations, the wedding between Jing Ning and Nanyang was set.

I was happy to see this.

With Jing Ning and Nanyangs marriage, many things would come to a proper end.

I was finally able to completely extricate myself from my engagement to Jing Ning.

The engagement between the eldest son of the Jing Family and the miss of the Nan Family was now between Jing Ning and Nanyang.

Even those who knew otherwise now had to say, “So it was Nanyang whom Jing Ning has favored for so many years!”

I didnt need pity from others, I only wanted out from their storyline.

Nanyangs marriage to Jing Ning also made the Nan Family heave a sigh of relief.

The marriage caused the rumors on Nanyang to fall apart.

The reputation of the Nan Corporation was preserved and the stock price slowly rose back up.

This was a good omen as I just took over the company.

To thank them, I decided to give Nanyang a big gift.

Whether they were happy or not in the marriage had nothing to do with me.

In my previous life, I married into the Jing Family with everyone scheming against me.

I was kicked around until nothing remained of me.

I was divorced when I was 6 months pregnant.

This life, I watched Nanyang marry into the Jing Family while pregnant.

No one in the Jing Family welcomed her but they had no choice; Nanyang got her wish of marrying Jing Ning but she was not happy either because this was a forced marriage.

There was no happiness between her and Jing Ning but they had to pretend to be a happy couple for the press to see.

Jing Ning and Nanyang, there was no winner.

They deserved each other!

I was thankful for the God who had given me this second chance.

Karma always comes knocking…


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