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Chapter 207: Coercion

I held Jing Tians arm and smiled when I saw the awkwardness on Ye Qians face.

“Sister Ye Qian, were you trying to kidnap my fiance” I cast a glance at Jing Tian.

He smiled at me lovingly.

Ye Qians face returned to her usual cordial expression.

“Nanxing, you came just in time.

I was here to beg Master Qi to go visit Gu Yan.

She doesnt eat or drink and just spends her days looking at empty space.

Its very worrying.” Ye Qians sincerity was hard to refuse.

I tilted my head to take a glance at Jing Tian.

Jing Tian waited for me to make the decision for him.

He looked adorable.

I leaned my head against Jing Tians arm and thought for a while before sighing.

“That is quite worrying.

How about I go talk to her Well have a girls talk.

Which room is she staying in Lets go now.”

A hint of panic flashed in Ye Qians eyes.

“Nanxing… Wait!” She wanted to stop me but I already pulled Jing Tian along and walked ahead.

Ye Qian raced to catch up to me but it was hard when she was wearing 10 inch high heels.

I soon found Gu Yans ward.

It was not that far from Lin Rans office.

Through the window, I saw the haggard-looking Gu Yan in bed staring blankly out the window.

I had no idea if she was acting to fool us or she was really in such a sorry state.

Ye Qian blocked us at the door.

Honestly, I didnt want to go in either.

Ye Qian pleaded anxiously, “Nanxing, can you not go into to provoke her”

I was confused.

” I just wanted to talk to her.”

“Nanxing, you should know that you are the one person that she cant be allowed to see.” Ye Qian sounded so sincere like she was doing this for me.

She turned around to carefully close the wards door.

I noticed that Gu Yan didnt turn around from the door closing.

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“Nanxing, Master Qi is the problem in Gu Yans heart.

Can you please let Master Qi go in to have a few words with her” Ye Qian asked me directly.

I smiled.

She finally understood whom she should ask for this favor.

I thought for a moment, “Sister Ye Qian, what do you think Jing Tian can say to help Gu Yan” Ye Qian was at a loss for words.

I sighed.

“You want Jing Tian to say that he is not good enough for Gu Yan and tell her to find a better man Jing Tian wont say that and Gu Yan wont believe him.

You want Jing Tian to tell her that he only has space in his heart for me But that will damage Gu Yans heart further.

Other than these, what else can Jing Tian say to Gu Yan”

Ye Qian pursed her lips.

I laughed internally. Oh, she must be cursing me in her heart.

She stuttered, “Master Qi, please help Gu Yan… Oh, Nanxing.

Really!” She shot me a reproachful look and nudged me lightly, “You have an unforgiving mouth.

Oh well, Master Qi, this is up to you.

With regards to what to say, youll have to decide for yourself.

I only hope that you will go in to talk to her.

Beyond that, she will have to rely on herself.

I have already done everything I could.”

Ye Qian was a magician with words.

Instantly, she had cornered me.

And in the same statement, she had taken the moral high ground to coerce Jing Tian.

I glanced at Jing Tian and chuckled.


I will wait for you here.

Dont be afraid, if she insists on sticking to you, I will remove her from you!” Ye Qian was shocked by my words.

Jing Tian nodded slightly.

He pushed open the door with a solemn mood as if he was a brave man who was about to die.

Ye Qian was stunned when she saw me laughing so heartily.


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