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I didnt tell them about the girls plot against me.

I was their target and I meant to deal with them my way.

The most important thing for me now was to recover my childhood memory from before I was 6.

I looked up some information on the internet but they didnt help much.

My memories were either artificially erased or I was too heavily traumatized to remembered them.

I didnt think it was the former.

Erasing the memory of a 6 year old child was rather pointless and risky.

Who could guarantee the girl would not regain her memory after she grew up Furthermore, it would have been far more cost-effective to kill me back then.

After all, I was caught in the car incident that killed both of my parents, it would have easy to kill me along with them.

So it had to be deep trauma.

The biggest possibility was my parents death.

I lost my memory because I witnessed my own parents die before me.

It made sense.

Furthermore, the person who adopted the child who had gone dumb from trauma would have been seen as a saint.

In my previous life, I wasnt interested in the cause of my parents death because I had no memory of them.

But in this life, I decided I was going to find out the truth.

A person without her roots would get lost easily.

I had to know where I came from before I could decide where I would go.

On top of that, Jing Tian was also featured in that piece of my missing memory.

Thus, I started to collect info on my parents, my biological parents.

I hacked into the internal database of the Nan Group.


In the eyes of the Nan Family, I was an addicted gamer.

Thankfully neither Nan Yang nor Li Yuan knew how technically demanding professional gaming really was.

In my past life, I spent most of my times selling my service to help others power-level, collect resources and do many other boring tasks in game.

To achieve maximum productivity, I mingled with people from big gaming studios.

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From them, I knew tricks like server manipulation, program writing and so on.

It also inspired my interest in computer science.

Not to toot my own horn but I was a quite competent self-taught hacker.

In my past life, I used those skills to improve my gaming prowess, but in this life, I would put it more to good use.

And people say gaming was a useless hobby.


Hacking into a server to look for a piece of information was not that difficult, it was within my capability.

But strangely enough, among the entire database, the name Nan Zheng couldnt be found.

I was stunned.

Nan Zheng was the Nan Familys second son.

When father was alive, he inherited half of my grandfathers wealth.

He was an equal to his elder brother.

However, in the database, there was no record of this person.

It was as if this person had never existed.


Since there was no Nan Zheng, there was no mention of my mother, Tong Huan either.

According to rumors, she was a female gangster.

People said my gene was poor because of her.

Tong Huan also didnt exist in the database.

I logged out from the Nan Group database with no new information and that itself was an interesting information.

This was too abnormal, I smelled something fishy.


Since there was nothing within the family, then Id have to look without the family.

I thought about it and posted a missing person notice on a hackers forum.

I was looking for Tong Huan.

Since my mothers background was related to the underworld, there was a higher chance for the hackers to know her.

After I posted the notice, I took out my homework and started to work on them.

I was not that desperate for results, after all, I had waited for 2 lifetimes already, whats a little bit more

The results of the exam came out publicly the next day.

Even though I had tried my best to score just enough in each subject, my overall ranking in school still rose by 50 spots.

That was something I didnt expect, my original plan was to slowly climb the ranking, 10 spot at a time.

This was too much of a drastic increase.

My class teacher was very excited.

As mentioned earlier, she only looked at your school results.

In a way, she was quite a unique purist because she didnt care about your family background.


I was immediately removed from doing menial chores.

She even encouraged me in person, she hoped that I would continue to work hard and make greater progress before the university entrance exam.

The attention the class teacher showered on me immediately caused dissatisfaction from Li Tian and Tian Ting.

After school that day, the Nan Family driver came to pick me up.

According to the driver, my parents missed me dearly.

I suspected that a lot.

In any case, I obediently got into the car and was back to my harmless self.

Back at my maiden home, Li Yuan sized me up with an icy gaze.

“That Jing Tian sure is something else, he actually made something out of you.

Tell me, what teaching methods did he use Since your sister is going to take the university entrance exam, you should share his tips with her.”

I flinched and pretended to touch my left palm.

Li Yuan frowned.

Nan Yang walked over to grab my wrist.

“What are you hiding”

“Big Sister, its nothing.” I hissed in pain.

Nan Yang pried my hand forcibly open.

My palm was swollen and there was a red welt running across it.

The pair of mother and daughter was shocked.

“What… what is that”

I pulled back my hand and rubbed it carefully.

Yesterday night, I asked Lin Ran to try the ruler on me.

He was confused by my request but he obliged in the end.

For the first hit, his force was too light and I barely felt it.

For the second hit, he accidentally went overboard and I yelped out in pain.

When Jing Tian rushed into the room, tears were pouring down my face.

Jing Tian looked at Lin Ran gloomily.

Lin Ran and I tried to explain the situation to him but Jing Tian was not having it.

In the end, Lin Ran had to make up for it by tutoring not only my biology but also my physics and chemistry.

In return, I promised to work extra hard in my studies to make Lin Ran a proud teacher.

I felt so sorry for Lin Ran, but at least his work and my pain had come in handy at this moment.


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