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Chapter 213: Lu Yan

Mai Qi and I looked at Lu Yan in surprise.

Lu Yan flinched under our gaze.

Then she shrunk back in embarrassment.

“I, I saw the news online and erm, it would be grand.

I have never been to such a place before.

I thought about going to broaden my horizon.” Lu Yans face reddened after she said that.

Mai Qi and I looked at each other.

Mai Qi coughed.

“We can bring you but you have to listen to our orders.” Lu Yan lifted her head to look at Mai Qi and quickly lowered her head.

She still didnt dare to speak much before Mai Qi.

Ever since she knew that we came from a rich family, Lu Qan distanced herself from us.

Usually, she only came back to the dorm to sleep or when we were not around.

Ever since Mai Qi befriended me and Jing Ni, she had mellowed out a lot, she didnt bully people anymore.

Actually, Mai Qi only had a hard exterior but she was gentle inside.

However, Mai Qis fierce reputation was already out there so most people would avoid her when they saw her.

To other students, Lu Yan was very unlucky.

She had to share the same dorm with Mai Qi and a walking jinx.

I believed Lu Yan was pitied a lot by her friends.

Mai Qi and I were so busy with work that we had completely forgotten about Lu Yan.

“I will be obedient.” Lu Yan said fearfully.

Mai Qi pouted, “Lu Yan, why are you so afraid of me Im not going to eat you! You are shaking when youre only talking to me, how are you going to come with us to this event”

I crawled out of bed to stand beside Lu Yan.

“Dont be scared, Mai Qi is a paper tiger.

If you dont believe me, fight her now and shell be the one to cry first!” Lu Yan looked at me appreciatively and with embarrassment.

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“Hey, Nanxing, what do you mean by that How about we fight and see who cries first!” Mai Qi darkened her face and made to pounce at me.

Lu Yan immediately apologized.

“Im sorry, this is all my fault!”

Mai Qi and I laughed.

“Lu Yan, Mai Qi, and I dont eat people for lunch, why are you so afraid of us Plus we are only joking, dont take it too seriously.

Do you want to attend the wedding Okay, well bring you with us.” I smiled.

Mai Qi said patiently, “I want you to follow my orders because I need to prepare a dress for you.

You cant reject me.

You know that this is a marriage between two big and powerful families.

If you show up in your school uniform, I dont think they will let you through the door.

I hope you dont think much of it!”

I gave Mai Qi a thumbs up.

She had improved a lot.

Mai Qi rolled her eyes at me.

Lu Yan nodded and said gratefully.

“Yes, I will listen to your orders.

Thank you, Mai Qi.” Mai Qi didnt like people thanking her like this so she turned her head away uncomfortably.

I asked Lu Yan.

“Lu Yan, do you have any siblings”

But Lu Yan reacted like she had been electrocuted.

She answered very nervously, “Yes, I mean, no, I am alone.” Then she looked at me guardedly.

I smiled.

“I feel like you are very good at taking care of people.

You are very sensitive to others emotions so I thought you have siblings.”

Lu Yan heaved a sigh of relief and forced a smile.

“No, actually, I feel like you are better at taking care of people.”


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