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Chapter 215: The Wedding

Translator: Lonelytree

Nanyangs wedding was a huge sensation in the city.

Originally, Jing Nings mother, Su Qing didnt want such a grand event because Nanyang carried too much negative press with her.

It was already a charity that she allowed Nanyang into the Jing Family.

Why would she throw Nanyang a grand wedding Did she deserve it

Li Yuan visited the Jing Family several times to discuss the details of the wedding but she was rejected outside the door.

The current Su Qing was not the same woman who sat down with her friend, Li Yuan to belittle Nanxing and praise Nanyang.

Li Yuan was bitter but there was nothing she could do.

For her daughter, she had to go and beg again and again.

She sent more and more expensive gifts.

However, Su Qing insisted on a simple ceremony.

There was no need for all the rituals.

Furthermore, since Old Master Jing was not going to be present for the wedding, everything should be simple.

Nanyang cried when she heard this.

She had never felt so wronged before.

Nanyang was reacting badly due to her pregnancy.

She was barely standing and this only made it worse.

She fainted several times.

In the end, it was Ye Qian who persuaded Jing Ning to visit Nanyang.

When he saw how haggard Nanyang was, he felt sorry for her.

It was also then that Nanyang learned a new method to gain Jing Nings attention.

At this crucial moment, Old Master Jing returned.

Jing Ning was the eldest grandson of the eldest son! He was favored by Old Master Jing too.

Since this was Jing Nings wedding, even if Old Master Jing was at the end of the world, he would come back to attend.

Old Master Jings return flustered Su Qing.

She had no choice but to follow the traditional ceremony.

With Old Master Jings intervention, the wedding became larger and grander until it was the wedding of the century at M City.

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The Nan Family was extremely happy but Su Qing almost vomited blood from anger.

When Old Master Jing returned, he naturally heard the rumors about Jing Tian.

To that effect, Old Master Jing kept Jing Tian by his side at all times.

The rumors that Jing Tian was not favored by the Jing Family fell apart.

However, interestingly enough, Old Master Jing was displeased with me.

But since the marriage was imminent, Old Master Jing didnt seek trouble with me.

Jing Tians face was very dark because Old Master Jing demanded that he stay by his side 24/7 and he couldnt come back to his own home at all.

We could only meet at school.

Jing Tian apologized to me and he promised me that no one could dictate his life.

I believed him.

Therefore, I stayed away from Old Master Jing.

Even at Jing Nings wedding, I stayed away from them.

On the day of the wedding, Lu Yan attended with me and Mai Qi.

The benefit of having money was shown at the wedding.

Even though the bride was 4 months pregnant, the gown was designed that the full skirt under the breast had hidden Nanyangs belly completely.

Nanyangs smile was sincere but Jing Nings face was cold.

He really looked like Jing Tian.

It was why I was confused that he could come up with the rumor that Jing Tian was not Old Master Jings biological son.

If Jing Tian was not Old Master Jings biological son, then Jing Ning was not the old mans biological grandson either.

Nanyangs bridesmaids were Li Tian and Tian Ting.

I heard that she originally wanted to invite Ye Qian and Gu Yan to be her bridesmaids, but Miss Ye Qian refused.

When I heard this news, I wanted to applaud Nanyang.

She was very daring! If only her brain was as strong as her courage, then those of us in Ye Qians blacklist would have better lives ahead.


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