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Chapter 219: Kindness

I was curious.

“Who is Qu Hao”

Mai Qi sighed.

“My nemesis!”

Does Mai Qi have a nemesis But the name does sound familiar.

“How come your big brothers surname is Qu” It dawned on me then.

Mai Qi said that she took her mothers name and her brother took her fathers.

Then again, Mai Qis father didnt have the Qu surname either.

“Nanxing, Qu Yan is indeed Miss Mai Qis biological older brother.

The name is merely a code.” Gu Nian explained.

“Oh, so he is your brother.” I did remember Mai Qi saying that I should marry her brother.

However, Mai Qi only mentioned she had a big brother, she didnt tell me his name so where did I hear the name, Qu Hao Who had told that name to me Since I couldnt remember it, it probably wasnt something important.

Mai Qi sighed, “Master Liu has found my Achilles Heel.

Nanxing, I might have to sell you out because of this death threat.”

I smiled, “Its alright.

Friends like us are to be sold.”

Mai Qi nodded.

“Im relieved to hear that.” Gu Nian listened to our conversation with interest.

Lu Yan had silently moved away from my side.

I saw that Ye Qian was moving outside as well.

Su Qian who was far away nodded at me.

Gu Nian turned to follow my gaze.

He only saw Nanyang being escorted out by Li Tian and Tian Ting.

I smiled brighter.

Gu Nian was extremely confused.

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Nanyangs new gown was Chinese in design.

It was tight-fitting which showed off her belly.

She didnt even mind.

She had her hands on the back of her waist.

Mai Qi was shocked.

She widened her eyes.

“What is she thinking Normally, people would be hiding their pregnancy during their weddings.

But shes acting like people dont know she is pregnant!”

I noticed the shock on Gu Nians face but it soon disappeared.

I patted Mai Qis hand.

“My naive child, how can you be so innocent Youre not going to survive in Jiang Hu.

But dont worry, Sister Xing will protect you!”

Mai Qi rolled her eyes.

“Stop talking nonsense.

Why is she doing this”

I smiled, “How would I know But I do know that now everyone present will know that the new Mrs.

Jing is pregnant.

So what if Young Master Ning is only marrying her for her child That is her pride.

Nothing is more important than the first grand-grandson of the Jing Family.

Shell have a bright future because of her child.

That is something that others can only be jealous of.”

Mai Qi added, “Furthermore, it doesnt matter now if some other girls are flirtatious with Jing Ning.

From now on, shell be the real Mrs.

Jing, the other women will be mere mistresses!” I smiled and nodded.

Mai Qi gasped, “I thought the eldest Miss Nan was just an innocent white flower.

I didnt think shed be capable of such scheming… This is brilliant!”

Mai Qis eyes wandered to find Ye Qian.

I chuckled, “She is an innocent, white flower My dear princess, what gave you that impression”

I worried about her IQ.

Gu Nian shook her head.

“Womens war is like a real battlefield.”

I shrugged.

“We have to do these to survive.

One careless move and youd die.”

Gu Nian was intrigued.

“I heard that she used to bully you.

Do you hate her”

I shrugged, “Well, not really.”

Gu Nian smiled at me.

“Nanxing, you are so kind.”

I didnt speak.

Kind My kindness had been sucked dry by these heartless demons.

I didnt hate Nanyang because I could already see into her future.

Karma would do my job for me so I only needed to wait and watch the show.


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