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“Well, why arent you saying anything” Nan Yang prompted.

Her interest was piqued.

I said timidly, “Teacher would smack me on my palm if I fail to memorize the things he told me to.

He would only hit my left hand because I need to write with my right.”

Li Yuan and Nan Yang looked at each other before they both smiled.

Li Yuan began, “This Jing Tian sure is creative.”

Nan Yang concurred, “7th uncle does live up to his reputation.

Hes really merciless.”

Li Yuan was beaming with joy.

“It is as they say, spare the rod and spoil the child.

I need to thank Jing Tian for educating you for me.”

Nan Yang asked, “Are you the only one getting beat Or does Jing Ni get hit as well”

I shook my head.

“5th Miss is very clever, she always manages to get her homework done.”

Nan Yang scoffed with derision.

Li Yuan probed, “Does that mean Jing Nis results have improved”

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Nan Yang said with condescension, “Shes in the arts class.

How hard is it to improve her result” Li Yuan cackled along with her daughter.

Suddenly Nan Yang said with concern, “Does this mean that you dont have time for games anymore Are there still people coming to you to get you help train their characters for them”

I nodded.

“There are but teacher keeps a close watch on me.

My phone is also getting outdated so I cant accept too many cases these days.”

Nan Yangs eyes brightened.

“Dad just bought me a new phone, I dont have much use for it so you can have it.

Perhaps you can help other people train their characters professionally in the future.

Then it wouldnt have mattered if you get into university or not.

Ill have dad discuss with 7th uncle to give you more time to play games, after all, we have to balance work and rest.”

I was delighted.

“Really Thank you, big sister!”

Nan Yang smiled satisfactorily.

Li Yuan and Nan Yang were more professional than most evil step mothers and sisters portrayed in movies and stories.

The highest form of abuse was not to beat the child but to raise them into wastrels.

In my previous life, I was a real wastrel, and a pawn, a wastrel who was willing to be their pawn.

I didnt even meet my fatherwho missed me dearly.

I was given a few painkillers before Li Yuan chased me out from the house.

At least I got a new phone out of it.

Once I was out of their sight, I logged onto the internet with my new phone.

I noticed Ive received a new email.

“Who are you”

Funny, I also want to know who am I.

Well, a response is better than none. 

I replied to the message,How did Tong Huan and her husband die Theres reward for the answer.

The reply soon came,What kind of reward

I took a deep breath and typed in word by word.

‘The Nan Group.

‘Who exactly are you

I stopped replying.

As long as they wanted to, the other party could easily reach me.

It could be my mothers friend or enemy, either way, I wanted to meet them.

Because I wanted to know the truth.

Putting down the phone, I took out my English papers and started scrolling through them.

The alarm clock rang when I finished my last paper.

I frowned. This is not fast enough.

I need to improve myself further. 

I stretched and stood up to exercise.

It was already 2 am.

I planned to go downstairs to grab something light and then go to bed.

As I walked down the stairs, I heard movement coming from the front door. Jing Tian comes back home so late every night Since Im already here, I should wait for him and bid him good night.

The last thing I see tonight will be Jing Tian, thats quite nice. 

When the front door swung open, I was stunned.

Jiang Tian stood at the door covered in blood.

Oh my God! I hurried towards him.

“Are you injured Where are you hurt Who did this to you” I reached out to check his injury.

Jing Tian must have been shocked because it was not until my hands reached under his shirt that he grabbed my wrist to stop me.

“Im fine!” His voice was weak.

I forced myself to calm down and helped him to the sofa.

“Sit down and tell me where youre injured.

Should we go to the hospital Tell the doctor to get here”

In my previous life, Jing Tian had been injured many times because of me.

But what about this time Who would have targeted him in this life And why

I carefully helped him take off his suit jacket.

The light-colored jacket was already half-soaked in blood.

I could tell where he was injured from the blood stains on the jacket.

I looked at his abdomen.

The blood around the abdomen was extremely dark.

I knelt in front of him and placed my hand on his abdomen.

I asked in a trembling voice, “Does it hurt”

Tears fell uncontrollably from my eyes.

Jing Tians eyes lowered to my face and he sighed.

“Im fine, dont worry.

Lin Ran will be here soon.”

Kneeling there, I didnt know what to do.

“Is there anything I can do Please, anything.”

“…A glass of water will be nice,” Jing Tian mumbled.

I stood up and rushed into the kitchen like a wind.

I poured a glass of warm water and handed it to him.


Jing Tian accepted it and gulped it down.

“Why isnt Lin Ran here yet Why is he taking so long” I paced anxiously around in the living room.


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