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Chapter 220: Her Goal

Nanyang held Jing Nings arm and whispered something into his ear.

Jing Ning didnt have any expression on his face.

At least he didnt look annoyed.

Honestly, Nanyang was quite a good match for Jing Ning if there was no Ye Qian.

After all, I had suffered plenty of losses under Nanyang in my previous life.

However, Ye Qian didnt even have to lift her finger to deal with me in my earlier life.

Mai Qi discovered Lu Yan had disappeared.

“Hmm Wheres Lu Yan How can she leave without telling us What if she gets lost” She looked around nervously.

I looked at Mai Qi.

“Mai Qi, youve changed a lot.”

“Hmm What do you mean” Mai Qi was still looking around.

She didnt get the meaning of my words.

“Master Liu, what do you think” I asked Gu Nian.

Gu Nian nodded and said seriously.

“She is all grown up now.” Mai Qi and I laughed.

“Spoken like a true elder.” I chided.

Mai Qi said, “That is the best compliment Ive ever received.” Gu Nian looked at us helplessly.

I said, “Mai Qi used to only think of herself and she never considered others.

But now you are worried for Lu Yan.

Mai Qi in the past would never do that.

Since when did you learn to be so considerate”

Mai Qi was startled.


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I nodded.

“But where is Lu Yan She doesnt know this place and I fear that she might accidentally offend someone.” Mai Qi said.

I sighed.

“Perhaps we should go find her then.

Maybe shes at the toilet” Mai Qi pulled me and we departed.

Gu Nian didnt follow us but he did advise.

“You two need to be careful too.

There are many distinguished guests here today.”

Mai Qi pulled me into the crowd.

“Mai Qi, dont worry, Lu Yan will be fine.” I consoled her.

Mai Qi nodded.

“I just thought she was acting very weird.

Clearly, she was using us to bring her to this wedding.

I didnt think she would do anything but Im curious.”

I stopped and looked at her with a faint smile.

“So you knew all along You were just acting around me”

Mai Qi rolled her eyes.

“You were the one acting around me!”

Well, I did do that.

“Where do you think she could have gone and what is her goal” Mai Qi asked me.

“Ye Qian,” I answered truthfully.

Mai Qis eyes widened.

“What did you discover” Mai Qi sighed defeatedly.

“Nanxing, I thought I was finally cleverer than you just this once.

But you were one step ahead of me all the time.

Couldnt you act dumb once in a while to make me feel better”

I squeezed her hand apologetically.

“Actually, I knew this because, when Ye Qian came to the dorm last time, Lu Yans expression didnt look good.

She said she wanted to come to the wedding but she didnt even once ask us about the bride and the groom.

Therefore, she has someone she wants to meet at the wedding but they are not the bride and groom.

But of course, I was only guessing back then.

But why did you suspect her”

Mai Qi sighed.

“She usually keeps a distance from us.

Plus I dont think she likes us.

My result is just normal and I always copy the homework from you.

I am just the type of lucky second generation that she despises.

But to attend a strangers wedding, she allowed me to dress her up That is very unusual! Therefore, I want to keep an eye on her to see what is she really up to!” Mai Qis small face puffed up with anger.


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