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Chapter 221: Secret Meeting

I smiled.

Mai Qi could always surprise me.

I grabbed Mai Qi and asked her to come with me.

Naturally, I knew where Ye Qian and Lu Yan were.

They looked like they had just met and hadnt had the chance to say much.

They were at a very remote corner.

I grabbed Mai Qi and hid in the recess.

It was just big enough for the two of us.

I pulled Mai Qis puffy skirt into the shadows.

Thankfully, I was wearing a pantsuit.

“What do you want” Ye Qians voice was even.

“So thats all You dont even want to apologize” Lu Yans voice trembled like she was crying.

“I have nothing to apologize for.

I worked hard for what I have today.

I didnt rely on anyone.

I deserve everything I have.”

“No, thats not it…”

“Then, what is it Lu Yan, I am happy that you got into M University.

You must have worked hard to get there.

You have suffered a lot, yes I am no different.

I have suffered a lot too.

There are so many sufferings Ive endured that people dont even know.

Neither of us is wrong.

We are just trying to find better lives for ourselves.

Is that wrong”

Lu Yan sobbed softly.

Ye Qians voice turned gentle.

“Lu Yan, our lives are not easy.

We have to think about ourselves.

Dont blame me for being ruthless.

When I cant take care of myself, I cant spare my time to take care of others.

Humans are selfish, if not, how can one survive

“Plus, everyone has to work hard.

Just like you, you got into M University because you worked 10 times harder than everyone else.

You dont feel sorry for others who failed to get into M University, do you This is a dog eats dog world.

Life is already hard for people like us, why make it harder for each other”

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“But we have made the promise that we would share the weal and woe together.

Whenever one has succeeded, we will never forget about the other.

We will take care of each other because we are each others closest family.” Lu Yans voice was deep with sadness.

Ye Qian chuckled.

“Lu Yan, what is success Do you see me as successful Do you think getting into M University is successful Are you capable of taking care of others”

“But you are now in the upper echelon.

You must be rich.

Even Nanyang and Mai Qi call you big sister.

They are rich.

So arent you successful” Lu Yan was surprisingly innocent.

Ye Qian paused.

“You came with Mai Qi and Nanxing”

Lu Yan nodded.

“Yes, I asked them to bring me with them.

Mai Qi agreed and even lent me her dress.

She only asked me to listen to her orders.”

“Are they very nice to you” Ye Qian looked around with suspicion.

I quickly pushed Mai Qi deeper into the shadows.

Lu Yan shook her head.

“Not really, we just live in the same dorm.

We rarely see each other.

Mai Qi has a princess temper and Nanxing is not any better.

When Jing Ni was around, it was not so bad but now that she has gone abroad, I didnt dare to even talk to them.

I always feel nervous around them.

This time, I only approached them because I wanted to see you.

I know they only pity me.

People like them always have pity for me.”

Ye Qian sneered, “Thats because they are born lucky.”


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