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Chapter 225: Entanglement

Jing Ning was angry that he didnt get to lecture me.

His face turned darker.

“Youre really shameless.

I have never heard of anything so incestuous!”

I said lightly, “I know you are in a bad mood today because its your wedding day, so I wont argue with you.

You can say anything you want.

After all, its my life and not yours.”

“Who said Im in a bad mood” Jing Ning pressed.

I didnt say anything and only stared at him.

In my mind, he was really acting like a monkey.

Nanyang pulled on Jing Nings wrist.

“Brother Jing Ning, dont get angry! This is how Nanxing is like.

You should know that already!”

Jing Ning shoved Nanyang away and glared angrily at me.

“Nanxing, listen to me! As long as I am around, you are not going to enter the Jing Family.


I took a step back and looked at Jing Ning in surprise. What is going on What kind of madness is this

I chuckled.

“Why is Young Master Ning so unhappy Did you have too much to drink What have I done to offend you”

“You have the face to ask that question I havent even settled the scores with you yet!” Jing Ning growled menacingly.

“Young Master Ning, what has come over you Today is your wedding day, Nanxing came to give you her blessing but you are making it sound like she is here to ruin your wedding.

Even if you are unhappy, you should not take it out on Nanxing! Am I right, Sister Ye Qian” Mai Qi grabbed Ye Qian and interrupted Jing Ning.

Jing Ning was still cautious around Mai Qi.

I understood why Jing Ning suddenly came at me because his eyes slowly wandered towards Ye Qian.

Ye Qian frowned and looked like she had something to say.

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I turned back to Jing Ning.

“Young Master Ning, why dont you speak what is on your mind If you have any grievances, feel free to share them with your guests.

But there is one thing that I need you to bear in mind.

If you dont want to marry Nanyang, just say it, dont need to use me as your excuse.

Because you might push me into saying things that I shouldnt.

We will all lose face then.

We will see who has more to lose.

So Id advise you to not challenge my bottom line!”

If they wanted to play games, I could play games with them.

After all, I had learned a lot from my little uncle.

The good thing about Jing Ning was that his mouth always moved faster than his brain.

Nanyang panicked and she reprimanded, “Nanxing, what nonsense are you talking about We are talking about the horrible relationship between you and Jing Tian.

Why are you bringing me and Jing Ning into this What have we done to provoke you”

I smiled coldly.

“Big sister, were you not here Didnt you hear your husband It was Young Master Ning who wanted to settle scores with me.

I am fine with that.

Mai Qi and Sister Ye Qian were here.

They could be my witnesses.”

I glanced at Ye Qian. Lets all fall together, no one is staying dry in this mess.

Ye Qian frowned and took a step forward.

“All of you should stop this.

This is a happy occasion.

Must we do this”

Ye Qian did what I expected her to do.

Jing Ning wilted immediately.

Ye Qian sighed, “Young Master Ning, Master Gu Er wants to talk to you.

You should go see him now.”

“Okay but Ye Qian, can you go with me I dont have the face to see him.” Jing Nings tone was filled with pleas.

Ye Qian looked troubled.

In the end, she sighed.

“Fine, Ill go with you.

Do you have to worry me every time” I had no idea that sentence was meant for Jing Ning or for the rest of us.

Ye Qian turned to me.

“Nanxing, and that mouth of yours.

Cant you be kinder to others… Sigh!”

She had no choice but to leave with Jing Ning.

Compared to Jing Nings open attack, Ye Qians sideswipe smarted even more.

Nanyangs face turned green.

Mai Qi shook her head.

“My Sister Ye Qian can really pair off with anyone.

She has some kind of power that can grasp any mans heart.

No man will be able to escape from Sister Ye Qians charm.”

Nanyangs face turned greener.


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