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Chapter 228: Desperation

Old Master Jing glared at Jing Ning.

“What did you say”

He was asking Jing Ning, not Jing Tian.

Jing Ning glanced at us and said, “Grandpa, Nanxing doesnt like me.

He likes my seventh uncle.

After all, seventh uncle is much more capable than me.”

Old Master Jings gaze immediately fell on my face.

His smile was as cold as ice.

“My grandson has fallen to a state where others can easily reject him Since when can a person ever say no to my grandson”

“Father, I have taken a liking to Nanxing.

She cant escape from me.

I dont care who wants to marry her because she is my fiance!” Jing Tians tone was firm.

Old Master Jing stared at us with wide eyes and snarled, “Jing Tian, did you know that she was once Jing Nings fiancée”

Jing Tian raised his eyebrows.

“As far as I know, that was one of fathers jokes from way back when.

The Nan Family took it seriously because they wanted to befriend the Jing Family.

However, the person Jing Ning really like is Nanyang.

Father, if you really want Nanxing to marry Jing Ning, do you expect her to be Jing Nings second wife Nanxing is the most innocent victim in all of these.

Why should she be sacrificed in the power struggle of the Nan Family and be a stumbling block between her sister and brother-in-law”

Old Master Jing pointed at Jing Tian with a trembling finger.

His face was full of disappointment.

“But everyone knows that she is Jing Nings fiance and your niece-in-law! How can you… How can you… There are so many young ladies for you to pick from.

Why do you have to find someone from the Nan Family”

Jing Tian was unmoved.

“Father, have you forgotten what happened years ago When we were kidnapped, Nanxing and I had been through thick and thin.

Father, you knew that Nanxing almost lost her life because of me, but you married her off to Jing Ning due to convenience.

How do you expect me to accept that arrangement”

Old Master Jing was so angry that his whole body was trembling.

“Jing Tian! You… you… !”

Jing Ning gasped.

“So Master Qi has been lusting after my girlfriend all these years”

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That was a blatant frame job! I growled, “Jing Ning, I was never your girlfriend, so dont you start with these disgusting accusations! You know yourself why you said you liked me and wanted me to be your wife all those years ago.

Furthermore, scandalous things have been happening between you and Nanyang all these years.

Why are you so righteous about it all of a sudden”

Jing Ning pouted.

“Nanxing, how can you even say that Ive always treated you like you were my girlfriend.

Just ask anyone at M City, who didnt know that you were Jing Nings girlfriend But I have no idea you have been cheating on me with my 7th uncle.

But youre right, I am not good enough to compete with my 7th uncle.

So what can I do I have to settle for the second-best and marry Nanyang.

But I have always loved you.

Nanyang looks like you so that is consolation enough for me.”

I had no idea a person could be so shameless.

I didnt expect that Jing Ning would slander his own and Nanyangs name just to blacken Jing Tians name.

He was really desperate to push Jing Tian and me into the abyss!

Jing Tian was about to speak when I stopped him.

I looked at Jing Ning who had a smug smile on his face like he had won.

I slowly raised my cell phone.

“Young Master Ning, you forced me to do this.

I wanted to help you save face but since you dont want it, then I shall fulfill your wish.”

Old Master Jing coughed.

“What are you doing!”


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