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“Nan Xing” Jing Tian called out to me.

“Jing Tian, what is it Do you need more water”I asked in a trembling voice.

Jing Tian shook his head and waved at me.

I immediately knelt back down beside him.

Jing Tian held my hands after some hesitation, “Stop pacing, youre making me dizzy.”

“Oh, Im so sorry.” I placed pressure on his abdomen but not too much.

“Am I hurting you What can I do to stop the bleeding”

Jing Tian shook his head.

“Ive done some quick work to stop the bleeding.

But… Arent you afraid”

I shook my head.

I then added viciously, “Tell me who injured you! Ill kill them!”

Jing Tian laughed but soon stopped when it tore at his wounds.

He winced before looking at me gently.

Jing Tian never laughed, at least, not in his life and never in front of others.

He had always been seen as an emotionless man.

“Girls shouldnt go around saying that theyd kill people, especially not pretty girls.” Jing Tian said in a gentle voice.

His brows then furrowed from pain.

I gripped his hands.

“You need to stop talking and rest.” In my mind, I was already killing Lin Ran. How can he be so slow

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Jing Tian looked at our interlocking hands.

They were covered in blood but I didnt care.

“Nan Xing, youre always like this, always full of surprises,” he uttered softly.

“No, Im only like this around you.” I looked at him.

Jing Tian was taken aback.

The door slammed open.

Lin Ran was finally here.

Seeing me, he was startled.

“Why, why are you here Go back to bed!”

I stomped my feet.

“Hurry up.

Weve been waiting for you for so long already.

Are you a snail”

Lin Ran glared at me.

“I rushed here in under 15 minutes, do you know how fast I drove Have you seen a snail move so fast”

I pressed my palms together to calm down.

I bowed to him.

“Doctor Lin, Brother Lin Ran, Handsome Lin Ran, can you please look at Jing Tian Please!”

Lin Ran waved exasperatedly at me.

“Fine, fine.

Dont worry, hes not going to die now that Im here.

You need to go back to bed and stop shouting.

Youll wake up Auntie Kong and the others and this will be even harder to explain.” Then he turned to ask Jing Tian, “Shall we do this here or in your room”

Jing Tian thought about it.

“My room.” Then he glanced at me.

“Nan Xing, please help clean up the blood here.”

“Okay.” I immediately moved to oblige.

My swift movements surprised Lin Ran.

After I finished cleaning up the living room, I gently pushed open the door to Jing Tians bedroom.

Jing Tians wounds had been treated.

He had changed his clothes and was leaning against the headboard of the bed.

Lin Ran kept his tools as he turned to me, “Girl, shouldnt you be in bed already”

I studied Jing Tian closer.

He looked better but his face was still very pale.

“I wish to stay here to accompany teacher.”

Jing Tian smiled.

“Lin Ran said its not yet my time and I believe him.

Go back to bed, you still have classes tomorrow.”

I moved the chair over and sat down.

I looked at Jing Tian.

“Go to sleep.

Ill watch over you.

If you need water or food, Ill be right here.”

Jing Tian shared a look with Lin Ran.

Lin Ran chuckled.

“The girl has quite a heart.” Jing Tian was silent.

He slowly closed his eyes, he was probably exhausted.

Lin Ran stretched lazily and pointed next door.

He signaled to tell me that he would be staying overnight.

I nodded and signaled for him to help me close the lights as he went out.

The lights clicked off and only the soft table lamp was glowing.

Staring at Jing Tians sleeping profile, my heart filled.

I was reminded of my previous life.

Jing Tian would have guarded beside my bed like this many nights.

Now, it was my turn to hold vigil for him.

In my past life, I already knew that Jing Tian was more than just the 7th master of the Jing Family.

In fact, Jing Tian didnt take over the family business, Jing Ning did.

Jing Tian lived away from the rest of the Jing Family, he had his own business.

However, I never had the chance to really get to know him and his career.

This life, I was given a chance to correct that mistake.

I was very happy to get to know Jing Tian closer.

Earlier, when we were downstairs, Jing Tian asked me why wasnt I afraid.

Now that I thought about it, I really had no clue.

Perhaps I had seen too much gore in my previous life In any case, I was never squeamish around blood.

However, looking at the injured Jing Tian, my heart ached.

I had never felt such pain.

If possible, I wanted to shoulder the pain and burden with him..

For that, I had to make myself stronger.

I needed money and power!


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