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Chapter 233: Eavesdropping

I couldnt help but be stunned.

I had always thought Jing Tian was Old Master Jings favorite.

However, Old Master Jing could not show it too clearly due to his other children and grandchildren.

Everyone knew this conflict, so they understood Master Qi occupied a particular post at the Jing Family.

Jing Tians relationship with his older brothers was curious, they were estranged from each other, but they also tried to befriend Jing Tian.

Jing Tians juniors both feared and respected him.

Jing Tian said indifferently, “How do you want me to care about you What do you need me to do”

Old Master Jing sighed.

“Ol Qi, must you do this Cant you give me some face before the outsiders Just listen to me and be a good son.

Is that so hard”

“Being your good son means I will lose my wife.

What are you going to do about that”

“I… What do you mean Who is your wife Nanxing cannot be your wife!” Old Master Jing was angry.

“Give me a reason.” Jing Tian said evenly.

“I am your father, and I disagree.

Is that not a good enough reason” Old Master Jing growled.

Jing Tian did not reply.

He was not going to reason with the unreasonable.

Old Master Jing sighed and tried to restart the conversation.

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“Jing Tian, you will marry no one else but Nanxing” He sighed.

“Yes.” Jing Tian did not explain further.

“But what is so special about her She is beautiful.

Ill give her that.” Old Master Jing said disdainfully.

“Yes, I like her because she is pretty.” Jing Tian retorted.

Old Master Jing rubbed his head.

“Son, cant we discuss this properly There are so many prettier girls out there.

For example, Gu Yan is beautiful.

And Master Gu Er is happy to be our in-law.”

Jing Tian raised his eyes to look at him.

“What have you promised him”

His tone was cold and hard.

Old Master Jing waved his hand quickly.

“No, no, no.

I didnt promise anything.

My son is perfect.

Everyone is fighting over him, so I didnt promise him anything!” Then Old Master Jing sighed, “But Nanxing will not fit into our family.”

“So you think Gu Yan will” Jing Tian asked.

Old Master Jing hesitated.

He had no idea where Jing Tian was going with this.

“Then you can marry her.

Master Gu Er only wants to be connected to the Jing Family.

He couldnt care less whom from our family Gu Yan marries.” Jing Tian shrugged.

“You brat! Do you think I wont hit you!” Old Master Jing grabbed the ashtray with anger.

He made to hit Jing Tian, but of course, he didnt have the heart to do so.

The threat did not faze Jing Tian.

“You dont have a reason why I cant marry Nanxing.

But I have a reason to marry Nanxing.

I have already fallen for her in that cave.

But when I returned to the country, you married her off to Jing Ning.

Why did you do that If you refuse to let me marry Nanxing because of Jing Ning and Nanyang, then I will go dissolve their marriage now!”

“Jing Tian, stop!” Old Master Jing shouted.

He sighed.

“The Jing Family still needs to save face.

Cant you give me some face”

Jing Tian looked at him.

“Is face really that important Even if I give you face, I am afraid others might not! I only care about my own life, I couldnt care less about others!”


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