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Jing Tian recovered very quickly.

I told Jing Ni that Jing Tian was sick and needed to rest.

Then I returned to Jing Tians bedroom using the excuse that I needed his help to solve a problem I had.

Jing Tian leaned against the headboard, reading his book; while I stayed at the table to study.

Neither of us interrupted each other, but this close proximity enabled me to focus very well and my grades improved by leaps and bounds.

Therefore, Jing Tian tacitly allowed me to stay in his room, which meant that I had successfully invaded his private territory!


I opened my eyes blurrily and saw the ceiling before me.

My mind went blank for a moment.

Then a hand reached out for me.

I raised my head and saw Jing Tians smiling eyes.

Turns out I had fallen asleep while sitting on the chair and had tipped myself and the chair over to the ground.

Jing Tian smiled at my clumsiness but he tried to not let it show on his face.

“Its getting late, youve studied enough for a day.

Go back to your room to sleep,” he said softly.

I grabbed his hand and pulled myself up.

Then, I threw myself into his bed and grumbled, “Im too lazy, Ill just sleep here tonight!”

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It was quiet all around.

Jing Tian was probably dumbfounded.

I couldnt care less.

My first plan was to invade his room so naturally the second step was to invade his bed! With Jing Tians gentlemanly personality, there was only one way to compel him to make a move on me– which was to have a repetition of my tragic experience from my previous life!

However, I was not going to let that happen.

Im the new Nan Xing, I will not allow myself to be treated like that again.

So what can I do about Jing Tian Easy, I will have to the make the moves on him!

“Nan Xing! Nan Xing!” I heard him calling me.

Its pointless, there is no way Im leaving. 

“Nan Xing, go back to your room.” He pulled on my sleeves.

I decided to dig myself deeper into the trenches.

I grabbed the quilt and buried myself under it.

I yawned.

“Its getting late, Im so sleepy.”

After a long while, I heard the sound of fabric rustling.

Jing Tian had moved himself to the other end of the bed.

I thought to myself. In the future, I will ban king-sized bed in our bedroom.

Well sleep closely stuck to each other!


I was honestly quite sleepy.

The space under the quilt was leaden with Jing Tians scent, it drowned me in it.

Before I could think of anything else, I drifted off to sleep.

This time for real.

Thanks to Jing Tians stringent schedule, my biological clock was fixed.

I woke up at 6 am every day before the alarm went off.

However, this time when I woke up, I remembered I was in Jing Tians bedroom!

Every single cell in my body was filled with joy.

I held my breath to stop the giggles from escaping my body.

Right then a faint sound of breathing came from my right side. It is Jing Tian!

Bright morning light squeezed in through the gap between the curtains.

I turned my body slightly to look at Jing Tian.

Jing Tian is really good looking! Even when he is asleep.

He slept with his arm cushioned behind his head and his body was slightly curled up.

His long eyelashes were drooping down, forming a beautiful curve.

His aquiline nose made him look cold and stern.

His lips were thin but pretty.

However, he always set them in a hard line that they made him look very serious and intimidating.

But I am not intimidated by him! Because I love him!

Jing Tian in this vulnerable state melted my heart.

I couldnt help myself as I leaned over to kiss his lips.


Jing Tian was instantly shocked awake.

He instinctively raised his hand to block me.

Then he grabbed and twisted my arm behind me and pressed me against the pillow.

He probably thought I was there to harm him.

“Ouch!” I cried out in pain.

Jing Tian let go of me immediately.

Even in his sleep, Jing Tian was on high defensive alert, this was something written into his instinct.

When he saw that it was me, the oppressive presence around him dissipated.

“What were you doing” He demanded angrily.

Instead of backing down, I threw caution into the wind.

As soon as I got up, I wrapped my arms around his neck and pressed my lips against his.


Jing Tian was stunned.

And his whole body stiffened.

I used my tongue to trace along the ridges of his lips.

I bit and sucked on them gently.

From the experience in my previous life, I knew how to ignite the fire within him.

Jing Tians breathing became heavy.

As I tried to pry open his mouth, Jing Tian responded in kind.

He hugged me tightly and he kissed me back fiercely like he was trying to swallow me.

Under his thin layer of pajamas, I could feel his excitement1.


My plan was working.

From my previous life, I knew how much of a gentleman Jing Tian was.

He was a perfect monk material.

After all, he had practiced abstinence for a full 7 years before our wedding night.

Jing Tian would never do anything without my permission, that was the kind of gentleman he was.

That was why I had to make the move on my part!

If I waited for this ice block to melt on his own, I would need to wait for another 7 years or more.

That was not going to happen! Not if I had something to do with it!

When I almost lost the oxygen in my lungs, Jing Tian let go of me with great difficulty.

With panting breaths, he looked at me.

I placed my index finger on his lips gingerly, “Dont you dare say that youre sorry.”

His expression was helpless and embarrassed, “Nan Xing, you…”

I stood up and planted a light peck on his lips before I retreated.

“I love you, cant you tell” Then I grabbed my papers and jogged out from his bedroom.


Baby, good morning to you too!



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