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Chapter 247: Example

Jing Nings face darkened.

Without saying anything, he pulled Nanyang and walked away.

His actions were a bit rough, completely ignoring the fact that Nanyang was pregnant.

Mai Qi looked frostily at the retreating couple.

I waved my hand in front of her eyes.

“Stop looking.

Theyre already gone!”

Mai Qi pulled her gaze back to glare at me.

“She was bullying you, and you arent even angry Professor Jing is another one.

How can he fail to handle his own father”

I smiled.

“Well, that reminds of someone and her father.” Mai Qi became silent.

She knew I was talking about her.

“Nanxing, you dont seem too worried about the possibility of not able to marry into the Jing Family.” Mai Qi was concerned for me.

I sipped the soup gracefully, “Mai Qi, worrying wont solve the problem.” I glanced at her.

“Mai Qi, what if you fall in love with someone and his or your family objects What will you do”

She darted a glance at me, her face red.

I put down the spoon and propped my chin on my hand.

“For example, lets take Mr.

Tong Le.

Tong Le doesnt have many family members left.

I doubt you will hear any objection from the Tong Familys ancestral hall.

As his only living family, I am open for bribes.”

She playfully hit me.

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Then I added seriously, “But what about your family You have your parents and an older brother.

What if they object to you marrying a mafia boss What will you do”

Mai Qi lowered her eyes and drank her soup.

She did not respond but I knew she had heard me clearly.

“Of what if one day, your parents or big brother suddenly arranged to have you marry someone you dont know Will you obey them” I asked.

Mai Qis face darkened and she retorted.

“Nanxing, what will you and Professor Jing do”

I shrugged with a smile, “Jing Tian said, at worst, he would leave the Jing Family to join me.

My little uncle can take care of us for life.

He can marry into the Nan Family.

I dont think my little uncle will agree though.

However, Jing Tian said he would know how to deal with my little uncle.

Jing Tian said he would prepare a dowry for himself to marry into the Nan Family, my little uncle wouldnt object then.”

Mai Qi sighed.

“Nanxing, you are so blessed and lucky.”

I reached out to rub her head, just like Jing Tian usually did to me.

“Silly girl, what is there to be envious of You will find your happiness too.

If someone gives you a hard time in the future, I will do my best to help you!”

“Like what” She asked.

“Hmm…” I thought for a while.

“Mai Qi, for example, if someday your family forces you to marry someone you dont like, Ill come to snatch you away.

Then Ill push you to my little uncle, and you can elope with him.

It doesnt matter if your family disapproves! I will help you deal with all of them! So, what do you think Arent you glad Im your friend” I said enthusiastically.

Mai Qi laughed.

“What more can I ask for from a friend” But her smile was forced.

This seemingly carefree girl was actually very clever.

She knew she wouldnt be able to fight her family.

In her heart, she had already surrendered to her fate.

It was because she already saw her future that she was not afraid to act like a total princess.

Because in the future, she would not be able to do that anymore.

Oftentimes, the stronger a person was on the outside, the weaker they were on the inside.

Mai Qi was constantly building layers of a solid outer shell, believing that it would be enough to shield her heart against the crushing destiny.

However, the girl didnt understand that no matter how strong the exterior shell was, it wouldnt withhold much pressure without a powerful interior.

Inner strength was true strength.


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