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Even after Jing Ni and I left the house, Jing Tian didnt show up.

Yet, beautiful flowers bloomed in my heart.

Jing Tian is like a candle, if you dont do something, hes not going to brighten up on his own! 

But I will give him space and time to percolate over this properly.

I believe that Jing Tian did like me from the very beginning.

However due to my relationship with Jing Ning and his status as my elder, he chose to observe me silently from the side.

If I dont do something, he will probably never take an active step on his own.

Therefore, I have to let him know that we have the same goal in mind!

I have already made my move, the ball is now in Jing Tians court.

Im going to give him a long time to think… and to miss me!

As I expected, the Nan Family came that afternoon to bring me home.

The reason was none other than because my results had improved again.

Nan Yang, Li Tian and Tian Ting would have gone crazy with anger already.

Their onlysolution was to bring me home so that they could watch me closely and nudge me towards giving up on my studies.

I decided to go back to the Nan Family to continue the investigation into my background.

It wasnt convenient to do that at Jing Tians place.

It aligned with my plan perfectly.

I would vacate myself from Jing Tians home for him to face me, himself and our relationship directly!


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The first thing Li Yuan and Nan Yang did when they saw me was to check if I had any physical injuries.

I was glad to satisfy their sadistic curiosity.

Looking at my swollen left palm, their eyes glowed with happiness.

This time, I did this to myself before I came home.

Poor Lin Ran had to take the blame though.

Li Yuan pretended to feel sorry for me.

“Nan Xing, were not going back to his place.

How can we allow you to get beaten up every day like this It doesnt matter that you cant get into a good university, you cannot be treated so inhumanely like this! Were staying home.

Ill have your father to go talk to Jing Tian, were not going back to his place anymore!”

I mumbled timidly, “But what if the Jing Family sees this as an affront to 7th uncle, and sees us as unappreciative of his help After all, Jing Ni wouldnt lodge this complaint.”

Li Yuan was stumped, clearly she hadnt considered that.

Nan Yang also hesitated.

After all, the familys connection to the Jing Family was instrumental.

They werent going to risk harming it for my sake.

“How about I stay home for a few days Tell 7th uncle that Im down with fever,” I suggested cautiously.

Nan Yang rolled her eyes at me.

“What fever When you go to school tomorrow and Jing Ni sees you in person, shell know you are not sick.”

“Then, how about I take a few days off school” I triedmy best to think.

The mother and daughter shared a look.

“What if Jing Tian or Jing Ni comes to visit” Li Yuan still thought it was a bad idea.

Nan Yangs eyes brightened.

“How about we send Nan Yang to the old family home at city west for half a month! Well say that she has chickenpox and wont take any visitors! Will that work” Li Yuan nodded excitedly.


Truly a pair of wicked mother and daughter!

Li Yuan turned to me and added, “Nan Xing, your big sister and I are doing this for your own good.

Look at how swollen your hand is.

Your stay with Jing Tian must be hell.

Think of this as a well-earned vacation.

Youll have all the peace and quiet you need.

If you need anything, well have the servants send them to you.

Youll be fine on your own right”

In other words, they were going to exile me to the old house at city west.

My heart was bursting with joy.

However, on the surface, I wrung my fingers.

I tried to show my reluctance to go but I couldnt dare to go against my sister and mother.

In the end, I surrendered, “Then, can I at least bring my computer with me”

Nan Yang immediately promised me, “Of course! Tomorrow, well buy you a brand new gaming laptop! Your laptop is getting too old anyway, it always lags when you game, doesnt it Mom, Nan Xing likes these kind of high tech things the most.

We should buy them for her!”

Li Yuan added quickly, “Of course, since our Nan Xing likes them, of course well indulge her! Last month, your big sister gifted you a new mobile phone and tomorrow, mummy is going to buy you a new laptop.

You can play with them all you want at the old home.”

My eyes twinkled as I thanked the mother and daughter profusely.

I wasnt that reluctant to move anymore.

Everyone was happy.

After dinner, I retired to my room.

I laid in bed and took out my mobile phone.

I had to resist the urge to call or message Jing Tian.

I mustnt disturb him.

He has to come to the same page as I do without me pushing him. But I hope hell be thinking all about me tonight! Whether he sleeps or not, his mind will contain my images. I hugged the quilt and giggled into it.. Jing Tian, Im going to slowly move into your heart. 



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