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Chapter 251: Cut Off

I wanted to stand up to applaud Mai Qi!

She had been such a dedicated and loving little cutie that I almost forgot she was once a fire-breathing dragon princess.

Probably no one else would dare say such straightforward things to Gu Yan.

Gu Yans face turned from red to green to white, and tears dripped down her face.


Mai slammed the table.

“Mai Qi! You are so rude!”

Mai Qi looked at Mrs.

Mai fearlessly, “This is who I am.

If I am rude, it is because you have taught me so.

I wanted to make my own friends and not live the life you ordered me to, and for that, I am rude Do you want a daughter or a puppet Regardless, it doesnt matter what I think because you have already found a replacement.

Being your goddaughter is such a glorious thing but being your daughter I cant even control my own life.

One wrong step, and I am branded as an unfilial daughter.

Can you be as fair to me as you are to them

A slap landed on Mai Qis face.

Everything seemed to have stopped.

I shivered and then rushed forward to hold Mai Qi.

She staggered backward from the slap.

A clear fingerprint appeared on Mai Qis fair cheek.

Mai Qi leaned against me and glared at her mother with indignation.


Mai was stunned.

Her lowered hands trembled.

She looked angry and regretful.

Ye Qian and Gu Yan immediately rushed to Mrs.

Mais side.

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“Madam!” Their concern was overwhelming.

Lu Yan stood behind me silently.

Mai Qi said coldly, “Thank you for the lesson.

I will be leaving because I dont want to continue this fight.” She walked out.

“Mai Qi, stop right there!” Mrs.

Mai shouted sharply.

Mai Qi stopped but didnt turn around.

“You still want to slap me”


Mai was trembling with anger.

“How, how did you become like this Cant I even lecture you anymore What happened to your dignity Comport yourself!”

Mai Qi slowly turned around.

“Mother, I just want to be a normal person.”

There were many things Mai Qi wanted to say but even if she said it, how much was her mother going to listen


Mais chest rose and fell.

“I have done so much for you and now youre telling me you want to be a normal person Mai Qi, what about my years of hard work How can you do this to me”

Mai Qis tears finally fell at that moment.

She bowed deeply at Mrs.


“I am sorry to have disappointed you.

Consider me not your daughter anymore.

Leave me to die on my own.” Mai Qi turned and walked away.

“Mai Qi!” Mrs.

Mai stomped her feet.

Mai Qi didnt turn around.

She opened the door of the private booth and walked out.

Lu Yan and I chased after her.

The sound of cups and plates falling came from behind me.

I could not help but sigh.

These people were too much.

Mai Qi went to my house and locked herself in her room.

She refused to come out.

I invited Lu Yan to the living room for tea.

The maid served us some fruits and flower tea.

Lu Yan glanced at Mai Qis room uneasily.

I poured her a cup of tea.

“Dont worry.

Let her be alone.

We cant interfere with this kind of thing.”

Lu Yan took the tea and said softly, “Mai Qis mother doesnt want us to be her friends”

I smiled, “Technically, she doesnt want me to be Mai Qis friend.

Someone around her must have told her that I am a bad influence on Mai Qi.”

Lu Yan looked at me and hesitated.

I said, “Just speak your mind, were such close friends already.”


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