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Chapter 257: Concealment

Lu Yans tears continued to fall.

I tried to comfort her.

“Lu Yan, isnt this a good thing You can finally let go of the burden on your heart.

You dont need to feel guilty anymore.”

Through her tears, Lu Yan asked me, “But what about me Whats the point of me suffering those nightmares and torments Why cant she just tell me She could have sent a message to tell me that she was safe.

Why couldnt she be honest with me Why did she insist on tormenting my conscience”

I had no answer.

Mai Qi had no answer too.

We were not Ye Qian.

Even though we were familiar with Ye Qians character, we could not speak on her behalf.

All we could do was to sympathize with Lu Yan.

When Lu Yan left, she looked dazed.

I was worried so I had the driver send her back to the dorm.

After sending Lu Yan off, I looked at Mai Qi.

She was lying on the sofa with a pillow in her arms.

I walked over and nudged her.

“So how are you doing Are you still mad at your mother”

“Yes, I am! But being angry is pointless, that is merely using another persons mistake to punish me.

So Im trying my best to not be angry.” She pouted.

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I rolled my eyes.

I knew she was still hung up on this so I changed the topic, “With regards to the Gu Family, you have left out some important details, didnt you”

Mai Qi was startled.

“No, I told her everything.

Didnt you see how hard Lu Yan cried”

I took a sip of the tea.

I looked at the embroidered flowers on her pillow and uttered, “Miss Ye, or Mrs.

Gu, why did she finally acknowledge Ye Qian as her daughter She treated Ye Qian like she was her biological daughter, why The reason is related to that maid who brought Ye Qian home, right”

Mai Qi sat up and beamed, “Nanxing, you are so clever! Youre the smartest person Ive ever met!”

“Stop with the flattery!” I interrupted her with a smile.

“Get to the point.”

Mai Qi giggled, “I was not flattering you, it is the truth, you are very clever.

You immediately realized the crux of the problem.

Lu Yan didnt even realize it.”

I glared at her.

“The girl is still affected by the emotions.

Im sure shell figure it out eventually.”

Mai Qi perked up.

“What do you think shell do when she does”

I didnt say anything.

Mai Qi explained, “Miss Ye decided that Ye Qian was her daughter due to a scar on Ye Qian.

The scar was on Miss Yes biological daughter and only the maid and Miss Ye knew about that.”

“They didnt do a DNA test” I asked.

Mai Qi nodded.

“They did.

Its why Ye Qian is Ye Qian and not Gu Qian.

Miss Ye is fooled but everyone else knows the truth.

Ye Qian is the adopted daughter of the Gu Family.

Initially, her original function is to help Miss Ye become a normal person.

But Ye Qian is undoubtedly capable.

She not only managed to comfort Miss Ye, but she also established herself in the upper echelon.

Nanxing, Ill be honest, there are only 2 people I admire in this world.

One is you, the other is Ye Qian.”

I smiled, “Why, thank you.”

Mai Qi rolled her eyes.

“Her morality aside, Ye Qian is very clever.

She will do anything to achieve her goals.

She will not give up until she does.

Furthermore, she is not only cruel to others, but shes also quite cruel to herself.”

I nodded.

I agreed with Mai Qi.

Ye Qians schemes and strategies were often sharp and deadly.

In terms of that, even I had to admit defeat.


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