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Chapter 258: Guarantee

“You, on the other hand, are the complete opposite.

Power, family background, status, and money, you dont care about any of those.

You do whatever you want and like whoever you like.

But you value friendship and loyalty greatly.

I cant help but fall in love with you.

Nanxing, youre my idol!” Princess Mai Qi lavished praises on me.

“Im surprised that you would value me so greatly in your heart!” I laughed and punched her jokingly.

Mai Qi sighed, “Im serious.

I really envy you!”

I said, “What is there for you to envy You have everything I have and more.”

Mai Qi shook her head.

“Thats not true.

I can give up everything just for the freedom that you have.”

I looked at Mai Qi and almost blurted out the secret.

But I forced it back.

Even if I gave her freedom now, she wouldnt know how to use it.

I should wait until the critical moment, then she would really appreciate the person who allowed her to be free.

“Mai Qi, if your mother forces you to do something you dont want to do, you must tell me,” I said solemnly.

Mai Qi looked at me in confusion, “For example Are you going to snatch me away if she married me off to a strange man” She then started to laugh.

I didnt join in.

“Do you really think I wont do that”

Mai Qi stopped and hesitated.

“I guess you would do that since you are Sky Citys Sister Xing, but whether youd succeed, thats another story.

You dont know anything about my mother yet.”

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I looked at Mai Qi.

“Mai Qi, believe me.

As long as it is related to your freedom, I will stop at nothing to help you! I swear on my life!”

Mai Qi jumped up in fright.

“Why are you making it sound so serious Youre scaring me!”

I smiled, “Mai Qi, that is the only way for you to take me seriously.

Remember, I guarantee youll be free for the rest of your life.

No matter what, do not sacrifice yourself.

Come to me, I will help you.”

She opened her mouth.

I cut her off before she could say anything.

“Dont worry, I will not hurt anyone you care about, I promise you that.

But you have to promise me you will not compromise your freedom to exchange for others profit, not even your mothers! Can you promise me that”

Mai Qi nodded.

There were tears in her eyes.

“Nanxing, having you as my friend is the luckiest thing in my life.”

I stood up and stretched.

“You know what, I agree with you, my dear princess.

Anyway, Im hungry, what should we eat tonight”

Mai Qi jumped up and dragged me into the kitchen.

Mai Qi appeared to wear her emotions on her sleeves but I knew that she was a very intelligent girl.

She kept many things to herself.

She did not hold back because she had predicted her future.

When she did something, she would give it 150 percent.

She approached everything like a moth flying into a flame.

I really empathized with her.

The next day, Mrs.

Mai came to find me.

This was within my expectation.

I followed her people to the coffee shop not far from the university.

A closed sign hung on the door of the coffee shop.

Mai Qis mother was very ostentatious in her style.

However, when I walked in, I was surprised because she was the only one there.

I assumed Ye Qian and Gu Yan would be by her side.

After all, someone needed to be there to serve the empress.


Mai sat in the middle of the coffee shop like a true empress.

I took the seat opposite hers.


Mai frowned.

I smiled faintly, “Im sorry, but Im used to looking into peoples eyes during conversation.

I dont have the habit of standing at attention when others talk to me.

Forgive me, Madam.”


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