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Chapter 271: Conjectures

Translator: Lonelytree

I patted her hands.

“So based on your logic, Jing Tian and I are fated to marry too, no”

Mai Qi grabbed me.

“Wait, stop right there.

Nanxing, tell me about the kidnapping.

I dont know why but none of the adults are willing to tell me about it.

I only know my brother was kidnapped, and thats all.”

I shook my head with a bitter smile.

“First, I was only five years old at that time.

I didnt know much.

I was caught all thanks to Nanyang.

Second, I suffered a head injury during the kidnapping and lost my memory.

I only knew bits and pieces, and those were told to me by Jing Tian.

His story is going to be told from his perspective, so its bound to be biased.”

Mai Qi tapped the bottle against her palm.

“Wait, Nanyang dragged you in Thats weird.

Shouldnt the kidnappers be prepared with a list of the people they needed to kidnap beforehand Why did they suddenly add you in Furthermore, you said the children were kidnapped from different locations That is just illogical.

It will make more sense to kidnap a whole bus of children if they want to go big or to kidnap a singular child of an important family.

This doesnt sound like a kidnapping, more like human trafficking.”

I didnt say anything but inside my heart shook.

“You said your brother was sent overseas after the kidnapping” I asked.

Mai Qi nodded.

“Jing Tian was sent overseas too because he was injured heavily.

Was your brother injured” I asked.

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Mai Qi shook her head.

“No, I remembered he was dirty when he was saved, but he wasnt injured.” Mai Qi sounded certain.

“What about Gu Yan Was she sent overseas” I asked.

Mai Qi shook.

“Gu Yan was frightened until she fell ill.

She stayed at Beijings hospital.

She even finished her university within the country.

Instead, it was Ye Qian who took her spot and went overseas to study on full scholarship.”

“Jing Tian, Nanyang, and I also stayed in the country.

I was hospitalized and then I forgot everything.” Suddenly there was a piercing sound in my ears.

I shook my head and pressed my hands against my ears.

Mai Qi didnt notice this and she continued to analyze.

“They have kidnapped the children of the most powerful families in the country, that is not easily done.

I heard that they demanded a lot of ransom but that was also illogical.

They could have kidnapped one child and demanded the ransom.

Any one of the childrens family was rich enough to satisfy that.

Why kidnap so many children They were basically forcing the different forces to work together, but that would only put them in more danger.

That didnt make sense.”

I asked with hesitation.

“Before the kidnapping, was there a connection between your family and the Gu Family, the Jing Family as well as the Nan Family” Mai Qi was startled but she shook her head.

“What about after the kidnapping” I mumbled.

My heart suddenly chilled.

Mai Qi looked at me.

“As you know, the Jing Family, Gu Family, and Nan Family were bigshots of the underworld, so they were already connected that way.

But I dont think my family was close to any of you.

We were from a different world.”

“Yes, so why did the kidnappers go after your big brother

Mai Qi widened her eyes.

“Nanxing, what are you suggesting”

I shook my head.

“I dont know.

Its a mess.

Plus I was too young at the time.

I also lost my memory.”

Mai Qi looked at me wordlessly, I looked at her too.

Then we looked away at the same time.

There appeared to be many layers behind this.

We tried to look through it but it was shrouded in shadows.

However, our instinct told us that things were not that simple.

I muttered, “With Jing Tian and your brothers personality, do you think they wont look into it if there was a hidden agenda And your father will not leave it unchecked too, right”

Mai Qi nodded.

“Yes, we are overthinking this.”

We both stood up at the same time.

I said in a forced casual tone, “Lets go see whats cooking in the kitchen.”

“Yes, I want to have some meat tonight!” Mai Qi cheered.


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