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Chapter 273: Saw through Me

Jing Tian looked at me and asked, “How would you ensure that I wont be forced to make that choice”

I was baffled.

“Well, theres no way that situation will arise.

After all, I have no conflict with Ardent Flame Alliance.”

Jing Tian looked at me and sighed.

He pulled me into his arms.

“Silly girl, if the situation did arise, Im afraid you would have removed yourself from the equation before I could be forced to make any choice.”

I looked at Jing Tian silently and he looked at me.

Jing Tian was right, that was something Id do.

I would sacrifice myself because I love him.

I would force him to pick Ardent Flame Alliance, I wouldnt make things difficult for him because I love him.

“Now, do you get it Ye Qian doesnt love Jing Ning.

If she loves him, she would help him overcome the hardship together, instead of forcing him to choose between her and his family.

Furthermore, if Jing Ning really did love her and chose her over the Jing Family, would Ye Qian be satisfied No, she would not.” Jing Tian shrugged.

Then it dawned on me.

“I kept feeling something was wrong with Ye Qian but you have enlightened me on the whole situation.”

Jing Tian tapped on my forehead again.

“You are not like Ye Qian.

She is extremely manipulative.

Thankfully you and Mai Qi are intelligent and can think on your own or else you would have followed her and submitted to her willingly without any complaint.”

I smiled.

“Hehe, you just complimented Mai Qi and me.”

Jing Tian glanced at me and ignored me.

“Ye Qian is the quintessential opportunist.

She may swear eternal friendship with you now but when she finds a better deal, she will betray you for her own benefit.”

I nodded.

“I intuitively dislike her.

She is smart, and terrifyingly so.

She came to me with an offer of friendship but her words have insidiously planted a seed of discord between you and me.

And it worked.

I did come to ask you, which youd choose between Ardent Flame Alliance and me.

I already knew the answer but she made me question it anymore.

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“Then since shed be my new best friend, I would have turned to her to tell her your answer.

Then she would analyze your answer for me, making me trust and rely on her even more.” I jumped out of his arms.

I leaned down to kiss him on his lips.

“But I will never be her friend and fall for her tricks because I love and I trust you! Okay, Im done venting, Ill be leaving!”

Jing Tian smiled.

As I turned to leave, he shouted, “Come back!”

I shuffled back.

I leaned over and blinked at him.

“What is it”

“What if you have to choose between me and Tong Le” Jing Tians eyes sparkled like little stars.

“Ill choose you! Theres no doubt about it! Ill find a little aunt for Tong Le.

Shell take care of him for me so why would I choose him” My finger landed lightly on the tip of his aquiline nose.

He hugged me and the kiss landed on me.

My heart blossomed with joy.

I hugged his neck in response to his passionate kiss.

My world was full of Jing Tian.

I admit I was affected by Ye Qian.

But because of her, I understood and cherished my love with Jing Tian even more.

Each human was an independent individual.

Each human beings had their own path to take.

Some people walk their path independently but others wanted to occupy other peoples paths.

Some allowed their paths to be taken, while others resisted.

Therefore, on the path of life, one was never alone.

It depended on yourself how youd want to treat your fellow travelers.


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