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Chapter 274: Invitation

Translator: Lonelytree

At the end of class the next day, Mai Qi was picked up by Mrs.


This time, Mrs.

Mai didnt invite me so I couldnt follow.

I told Mai Qi to call me if she needed anything.

Mai Qi reached in to give me a goodbye hug.

She whispered in my ears.

“If Im not back by morning, please come find me.”

I froze.

Mai Qi released her hug and entered the luxurious Rolls-Royce.

In my heart, I was confused by this family.

Mai Qis father and brother had entrusted Mai Qi to me but they also told me to be careful of Mai Qis mother.

What a ridiculous family.

However, if Mrs.

Mai dared to harm Mai Qi, I would help Mai Qi!

I was not that worried about Mai Qi but I was worried about Old Master Jing.

He was adamantly opposed to me being with Jing Tian but he had not made any movement to stop us.

It made me suspicious.

I overheard his conversation with Jing Tian, neither of them managed to convince the other so why hadnt Old Master Jing made his move yet

Jing Ning and the others would have fed a lot of false info to Old Master Jing.

They would do everything within their power to drive a wedge between me and Jing Tian.

So why werent there any follow-up actions from Old Master Jing I refused to believe that Old Master Jing had a sudden change of heart.

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This was a very uncomfortable feeling.

I was waiting for the other foot to fall.

I was anxious because I didnt know what was coming.

That day, when I arrived home, Sister Li told me, “Miss, the housekeeper next door, Sister Kong came to drop you an invitation.”

Invitation I looked at Sister Li with confusion.

She nodded and handed me a well-decorated invitation card.

I opened it and saw that it was signed by Shao Yi, Madam Jing.

Shao Yi Who is this My heart then moved.

There were plenty of Madam Jing.

Su Qing, Jing Nings mother was Madam Jing; Jing Nis mother was Madam Jing; all of Jing Tians aunts were Madam Jing.

I had no idea who Shao Yi was.

But it was clearly not Su Qing.

There was no reason for Su Qing to invite me to the Jing Family anyway.

“Did Sister Kong say anything else” I asked Sister Li.

Sister Li shook her head.


But there was a young lady with her and Sister Kong was acting weird.

We would chat whenever we meet but this time, she didnt even say a word.

I was wondering why she was suddenly so frosty.”

My heart sank.

The invitation asked me to go over to the Jing Family for a dinner.

Then I would go.

Why should I be afraid of the Jing Family It didnt matter which Madam Jing this was.

But I was not expecting Madam Jing to be Jing Tians mother.

The wife of Old Master Jing, the woman who had to stay on an island due to her health.

This was my first time meeting Jing Tians mother, be it in this life or the last.

Standing before her, my breath slowed.

Because she was such a beauty.

I couldnt tell her age.

Even if she said she was in her 30s, I would have believed her.

But since she was Jing Tians mother, she had to be at least 50 years old.

She had taken such good care of herself.

I was amazed.

Compared to Madam Jing, Mrs.

Mais beauty paled.

Then again, why did I compare the two mothers I must be out of my mind.


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