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Chapter 275: Madam Jing

Madam Jing studied me and then she smiled and extended her hand.

“Hello, Miss Nan, Im Jing Tians mother.”

I quickly shook her hand.

“Hello, Madam Jing.” The moment my fingertip was about to touch her hand, she withdrew it.

My hand stopped awkwardly in mid-air.

Madam Jing sat down on the sofa and signaled for me to take the seat opposite her.

I pulled back my hands and sat upright on the couch.

I understood that this was a trial and a test.

I raised my eyes to glance upstairs.

Madam Jing immediately said with a smile, “Jing Tian is not around.

In fact, I purposely asked his father to bring him away to do some business.

The pair of father and son is having some bonding time.”

I nodded.

I found it amusing. Are all women so cunning I couldnt help but sigh.

Madam Jing beckoned for Sister Kong.

“I will have a little chat with Miss Nan.

Go and prepare dinner.

Come and notify us when its ready.”

Sister Kong bowed.

She didnt even dare to look at me before she walked away.

I was impressed by Madam Jing.

She was like an empress ruling over the household.

“Miss Nan, have some tea.

They are some specialty tea leaves I brought with me.” She said warmly.

“Please just call me Nanxing.” I picked up the tea and took a sip.

“This is very good tea but unfortunately, I didnt know too much about tea.

It is light on the taste buds and there is a sweet aftertaste.”

Madam Jing smiled proudly.

“Looks like Miss Nan knows how to appreciate good tea.

If this is served to Jing Tian and his father, then it would have gone to waste.”

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I noticed that she still addressed me asMiss Nan.

I smiled and said nothing.

“I heard that Miss Nan lives just next door” Her slender fingers pointed next door.

I nodded.

“I also heard that you live with your little uncle”

I nodded again.

She frowned, “Then wouldnt that be inconvenient”

I was confused.

“Why would it be inconvenient”

She pursed her lips.

“Well, I believe your uncle is about the same age as my Jing Tian.

As his niece, you are not exactly a girl.

Wont your presence affect him What girl would be happy knowing his lover is staying with a grown niece”

I laughed.

“Madam Jing, are you saying that I should move out of my uncles house so that he can have a relationship”

She said seriously, “Yes, that will be more convenient for him.

In fact, once you move away, it will be convenient for my Jing Tian too.

After all, if you two stay too close together, there is bound to be gossips.

You are not only inconveniencing your uncles relationship, but you are also disturbing Jing Tians relationship.

Miss Nan is clearly a sensible and smart person.

Once you leave this place, it will clear up the lives of the two young men.

Wouldnt that be a good thing You shouldnt stay to affect their pursuit of happiness.”

She had taken such a detour that I didnt know what to say.

Then she added, like something just came to her.

“Oh, dont worry if you dont have any other place to stay.

I can gift you a house, a villa, a high-rise, which kind do you prefer Itll be free as long as you leave this place.

After the two men start their own families, you can move back here.

It will be fine then.

Miss Nan, what do you think Isnt that a wonderful idea”

The beautiful woman looked at me innocently.

I shook my head with a smile.


Her face dropped and the frost came up.

“Miss Nan, lets not be insensible.” The smile disappeared and the chill entered her voice.


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