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Chapter 279: Important

Mai Qi really didnt come back that night.

I waited until midnight before I called Qu Hao.

Qu Haos voice was clear, and I knew he hadnt slept yet.

“Nanxing” He sounded surprised that I had called him.

“Mai Qi has been taken by Mrs.


Before Mai Qi left, she told me that if she didnt come back by the morning, I should go look for her.

Its not morning yet, but I worry about her.


Qu, can you tell me her location If you cant, then Ill find her my own way.” I told him directly.

“Nanxing, dont worry.

Ill get someone to check immediately.

Ive been keeping tabs on Mrs.

Mais movements.” Qu Haos tone became serious.

I smiled.

“I assumed as much.

Thats why I came to you directly.

Itll take time for my people to find her.

Ill wait for your news.

If your people cant rescue her in person, then Ill send in my people.

I wont let Mrs.

Mai use Mai Qi as some kind of leverage.” My tone was normal but my attitude was serious.

Qu Hao let out a light sigh.

“Nanxing, Mai Qi is really lucky to have a friend like you.”

I chuckled and hung up the phone.

When Mai Qi left, I didnt send anyone to follow her because I knew Qu Haos people would follow her.

I didnt want to waste energy.


Mai was close to the Brothers from the capital.


Mai wore her ambitions on her sleeves.

If only she could learn a little bit from Madam Jing.

One only wanted supreme power, the other could survive on love.

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At 4 am, I was shaken awake by Sister Li.

“Miss, someone has sent Miss Mai Qi home.”

I was startled awake.

Since I had been waiting for news, I hadnt even changed out of my day clothes.

I was still wearing my coat.

I didnt bother to put on shoes and ran out.

Apart from her messy hair and red eyes, Mai Qi looked fine.

I opened my arms.

She threw herself at me and cried.

But she didnt wail or sob.

She cried soundlessly.

Her shoulders trembled.

I patted her back.

“Its okay now, youre home.

Sister Li will bring you to change.

Take a hot bath and go to bed.”

Mai Qi hugged me for three full minutes before she pushed me away and sniffled, “Okay.”

Mai Qi didnt look back as she followed Sister Li.

She looked lonely but not defeated.

It was Qu Hao who dropped Mai Qi off.

I invited him to sit on the sofa and ordered someone to bring some tea.

“Thank you so much,” I said.

Qu Hao didnt look tired.

People like him didnt have the concept of the day and night cycle.

It was as if they never knew what fatigue was.

Qu Hao smiled.

“Nanxing, Mai Qi is my sister.

Im imposing on your hospitality by bringing her here.

I should be thanking you and not the other way round.”

I smiled.

“To be honest, Ive always treated Mai Qi as family.

It must not be easy for you to retrieve her.

So regardless, you shall have my thanks.”

Qu Hao smiled helplessly shook his head.

He looked around.

“I heard that your custody has been given to Tong Le”

I answered, “Technically Im already an adult so there is no custody issue.

But I am his only family so this is his family home as it is mine.”

Qu Hao nodded.

“You have not changed.

You speak your mind and you dare to openly love and hate.”

My heart moved.


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