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Chapter 284: Fever

Translator: Lonelytree

“Nanxing, my mom introduced me to a boyfriend.

You will never guess who it is.” Mai Qi finally told me the truth.

Her voice was tired and dejected.

I didnt say anything and waited for her to continue.

“Its Shi Feng.” Mai Qis voice trembled.

I could tell she was extremely fatigued dealing with this.

I was shocked.

“Is your mother crazy”

Mai Qi sighed helplessly.

“I think so.”

“She… What is she after She is your fathers wife, it should be Shi Feng and Shi Li trying to endear themselves to her.

Why would she offer you to them” I could not understand Mrs.


The woman was being too unreasonable.

My righteous indignation calmed Mai Qi down.

“My mother is an extremely insecure person.

She has been looking for an ally, and she found it in my father.

She managed to tie herself to my father but she still thought my father was not a stable enough rock.

Therefore, she needed to find another rock outside of my father.

That way, my father wouldnt look down on her.

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“After so many years of searching, she finally understood the 7 Brothers were her best candidates.

As you said, once my mother sent out the signal, they all came to curry favors with her.

My mother was happy but then the sense of insecurity returned.

She knew that those people just wanted to use her to get to my father.

In other words, she was just a jumping board.

Therefore, she needed to establish a stronger bond with the Brothers.

She wanted to ensure that the Brothers were supporting her for her and not for my father.

In a way, she is extremely clear-minded but at the same time, so dumb.”

“So she intents to use you in a political marriage” I was in disbelief.

Mai Qi nodded.

“Political marriage Thats quite appropriate.

Throughout time, the princesses married off through political reasons never had a good ending.

Nanxing…” Mai Qi stopped.

I turned to look at her.

“I am so tired.” She leaned her head on my shoulder.

I held her hand and said seriously, “Mai Qi, dont worry, we will not let you marry Shi Feng.

That will not happen!” Thewe included Mai Qis brother and father.

Mai Qi said lightly, “My brother did say I am lucky to have you as my friend.” Mai Qi was acting very abnormally.

I had never seen her like this.

Her background had molded her into an arrogant and strong person but now…

“Mai Qi, Im serious.

As long as you are not willing, no one is going to marry you away!”

Mai Qi nodded slightly but said nothing.

That night, we fell asleep in the same bed.

The next morning, I was woken up by the head.

Groggily, I touched Mai Qi.

My God, she was burning up!

I pushed her awake.

“Mai Qi, Mai Qi, we need to go to the hospital.

You have a fever.”

Mai Qi did not even open her eyes.

“Nanxing, no hospital.

Just get me some fever medicine.”

“That wont work! Your fever is so high, youre going to burn yourself dumb!” I panicked.

Mai Qi chuckled.

“So be it.

Let me be dumb.

Please, dont bring me to the hospital.”

I was so worried.

Mai Qi grabbed my wrist.

She still had not opened her eyes.

“Nanxing, you said this room will always be mine, and I have decided to die in this bed.

Dont bring me to the hospital, theyll know when Im there.

If we leave this room, I cant be sure if I can even get back here.

Please pity me and leave me here!”

Her words were extremely sad but there was no tear.

I believed she had cried all her tears already.

I sighed and knelt down by the bed.

I patted her hand.

“Alright, then we wont go to the hospital.

We will die in this house and we will haunt this place forever, okay”

Mai Qi nodded.

I sighed..

“What a silly girl.”


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