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Chapter 288: Confrontation

I laughed.

Yes, everyones lives had become so contented that they started to reach for things that didnt belong to them.

So it was time to remind them of the truth.

I brought Su Qian and my gang of four to Mrs.

Mais villa in the suburbs.


Mais attitude was arrogant.

She told the butler to keep us out.

I stood at the gate and grabbed the megaphone Brother Hu passed me.


Mai, please let Mai Qi out! Mai Qi said that she didnt want to marry Shi Feng.

You cant force your daughter to marry someone she doesnt love for your own benefit!”

My voice traveled far.

The effect was excellent.


Mai cared about her face.

She was so angry that she personally ran out to argue with me.

When I saw her, I put the megaphone away.


Mai was trembling from anger.

“Nanxing, dont be so shameless.

Dont think I wont teach you a lesson! I was not giving you face but the Tong Family face!”


Mai, theres no need to give the Tong Family face.

Feel free to deal with me however way you want.

Im only asking you to let Mai Qi go.

Shi Feng is not a good person.

Do you really want to push your daughter into the abyss” I asked sincerely.

“Shut up! Who are you to mind my family affair Who do you think you are You are saying these things because Shi Feng didnt like you and refuse to marry you.

You said so many bad things about Shi Feng to Mai Qi to misdirect her!

“My good daughter is polluted by people like you! If not for the Tong Family, I would have taught you a lesson already, so dont push it!” Mrs.

Mais pretty face was contorted from anger.

I had to laugh.

“Shi Feng didnt like and refuse to marry me Did the Shi Family tell you that Or your goddaughter, Gu Yan told you that Plus why would you believe anything they say But if thats true, Ill have to thank Shi Feng for letting me go when I see him next.

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“In any case, please ask Mai Qi to come out.

I need to hear from her in person.

If she agrees to marry Shi Feng, then I will turn and leave.

But if she disagrees, then Im sorry, Mrs.

Mai, I will bring Mai Qi with me.

Because I have promised her that unless she is willing, no one is going to force her to do anything she doesnt like, not even her biological mother! That is my promise to her!”


Mai scoffed.

“Who do you think you are that you think your words mean anything Get lost now! I wont have you around Mai Qi anymore.

Mai Qi doesnt need a friend like you.

If you dont leave now, Ill call the police!” She pointed at the people standing around me.

“Look at these thugs! My daughter has been corrupted by you people, making her rebellious and disobedient! As long as Im alive, I will not let Mai Qi befriend someone like this you!”

I looked at her calmly.


Mai, I dont you mind you looking down on us, I dont come from a noble background after all.

If you dont me to be friends with Mai Qi, thats fine too.

But let me see Mai Qi.

I just need to hear her tell me in person that she is marrying Shi Feng willingly.

That is not too much to ask, is it Im just fulfilling my promise to her.”


Mai huffed.

“As her mother, I am telling you right now that Mai Qi volunteers to marry Shi Feng.

When the summer break is here, we will return to the capital to have their wedding.” She looked at me with disdain.

“But you are not invited to the wedding.”

My face darkened and I finally gave in.

“Well, then help me tell Mai Qi that I have tried my best and fulfilled my promise to her.

We will part ways from now on.”


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